DENVER (CBS4) – The former neighbor of a Denver man arrested on murder charges this week says he never would have believed the man was capable of such a crime.

“I just can’t visualize him doing something like that,” said Cort Hensley, the former neighbor of Raul Nunez-Soto.

Nunez-Soto, 46, is being held in the Jefferson County Jail on suspicion of first degree murder in the death of Richard Limon, 69. Limon’s body was discovered by two cyclists on Aug. 17 on Lookout Mountain west of Golden.

Two other people — Tina Moya, 38, and a so-far unnamed 17-year-old girl — are also being held in jail on the same charges. On Thursday police announced that they are also looking for a man named Edwin Rivera, who is considered a person of interest in the case. (Full Story)

So far the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office isn’t releasing a motive in the murder of Limon, but at a Denver home where he and Nunez-Soto may have been living together investigators have been making frequent visits. The home is located on West Dakota.

The Hensleys were neighbors of Nunez-Soto for more than 25 years. They say that overall Nunez-Soto was a good person and they are shocked to know of the charges in the case.

“He was a very, very good friend until he started borrowing money and then he would forget to pay it back,” Lois Hensley said.

Richard Limon's driver's license photo (credit: CDOT) and the scene on Lookout Mountain after his body was found on Aug. 17, background (credit: CBS)

Raul Nunez-Soto has a criminal history that includes assault, selling drugs and DUI.

“He drank a lot. He did, and he couldn’t handle it,” Cort Hensley said.

Nunez-Soto has been estranged from his wife since March and is believed to have been dating Moya.

Officials with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s officer would neither confirm or deny to CBS4 that Nunez-Soto and Limon were roommates.

Limon was found bound and gagged and he was likely stabbed to death.