DENVER (CBS4)- Charges have been dropped against a strip club owner who had been accused in connection with a prostitution case. Troy Lowrie said the damage to his reputation has already been done.

Lowrie, 46, said the charges upset his family and cost him a position coaching tennis for Golden High School.

Lowrie coached the boys’ tennis team at the high school and was named coach of the year.

On July 13, Lowrie said he was on his way to tennis practice when he pulled over on West Colfax to take a phone call. That’s when an undercover female police officer approached the passenger side of his black Hummer and asked for money.

“I said sure, how much do you need? She said, ‘I want to earn it.’ I said, ‘I’m not interested,'” said Lowrie.

He said she asked again, that’s when he rolled up his window and drove away. He was arrested and charged with furthering prostitution.

“They couldn’t tell me exactly what part of what I did committed a crime,” said Lowrie. “I rolled down the window.”

In his first court appearance, Lowrie’s case was dismissed.

“The city attorney said,’I reviewed it, I agree with you’ and he dismissed it,” said Lowrie’s Attorney Harvey Steinberg.

An email had been sent to parents and staff at Golden High School about Lowrie’s arrest. He was let go from his coaching position.

Lowrie doesn’t need the job for the money, he owns five strip clubs in Colorado, including PT’s and Diamond Cabaret. He said coaching tennis is his passion.

“It’s been a big impact on my family, on my business and it’s still not fixed. I don’t know how you get your reputation back, but I can at least get my job back,” said Lowrie.

Lowrie sent a letter to the Jefferson County School District asking to be reinstated. They responded that the position has already been filled.

The school district said in an email that a letter will be sent out to parents and staff informing them that Lowrie’s case was dismissed.

Comments (3)
  1. Chai Neuhaus says:

    And why was a strip club owner deemed an appropriate coach of teenage boys in the first place?

    1. C Villanueva says:

      Troy coached several of my boys in both football and wrestling. He is an excellent coach – even tempered, positive, and works to make each child better. It is all about the kids for him. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Front page news and cover when arrested should be front page news when case dropped. Both sides should always be told.

  2. Richard says:

    Because one has nothing to do with the other moron.

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