AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Aurora City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved a “blight” declaration for the land where Gaylord Enterprises plans to build an $800 million hotel complex.

The complex would be the foothold for a potential move of the National Western Stock Show out of Denver to Aurora.

The declaration basically means the city considers the area unsafe, unsanitary and has inadequate infrastructure. It also makes it available for development.

Opponents say it’s just a loophole to hand out a tax break to developer Gaylord and it opens the flood gates to giving incentives to other companies in the future.

“Valuable agricultural land is being eaten up by urban sprawl across this country. This proposal adds to that sprawl to be filled in by probably low-paying service type businesses,” an opponent said at the council meeting.

The declaration is just one piece of the city’s redevelopment plan for the Gaylord complex.

The city council will meet again on Sept. 12 to vote on the whole project.

  1. B. Dover says:

    Besides providing a bunch of near poverty level paying jobs when completed, don’t act surprised when the construction of this place is done by out-of-state companies.

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