AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)- Two football players from Overland High School were taken to the hospital after practice in near-record degree temperatures Thursday.

“We need to look at that to make sure we’re keeping the kids’ safety first,” said Cherry Creek Schools Athletic Director Larry Bull.

One students’ parent took him to the hospital from the field, the other student was taken to the hospital when the trainer brought him home from practice. Both students were treated and released. They did not attend practice on Friday.

“The trainer noticed they were showing some signs of possible heat exhaustion, dizziness, lethargic,” said Cherry Creek Schools spokeswoman Tustin Amole. “The kids themselves did not tell us they were not feeling well. But we had a trainer and coaches who have been trained to observe these symptoms.”

Bull said it is up to the coach at each individual school to determine how strenuous those two-a-day practices will be.

“In the old days, the two-a-days were to see how tough you were. Nowadays it’s okay, we’re going to have a short, heavy practice and then we’re going to do some walk through, film work,” said Bull.

Thursday’s Overland practice lasted one hour in pads in the morning and then another three hours in pads in the afternoon, with eight water breaks.

  1. Number 1 says:

    And which are you, gym teacher or an athletic coach? Then we should add brainless, idiot and imbecile to the description so we get a complete understanding of your self hate and lack of intellect.

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