DENVER (CBS4)- Police in Boulder continue to search for a man who is responsible for three armed robberies. Those detectives are trading information with authorities in Denver.

Since Aug. 11, five women have been robbed at gunpoint in three different Boulder locations. Police believe it could be the same suspect and are concerned because he’s become more brazen.

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Police in Denver said a suspect was also exhibiting brazen behavior during a recent attack in Commons Park. It happened Tuesday at about 5:40 p.m. The suspect pulled a gun on his victim and robbed her. Then he reached for her chest and groin area.

“The time of day that this occurred is very unusual and it speaks to the fact that this individual really doesn’t care. He’s pretty brazen about his activities,” said Denver Police Det. John White.

“I mean, I could see at two in the morning, but at 5:45? There’s just people everywhere,” said resident Linda Campbell. “It’s just surprising. I have a dog. I’m out here four times a day with my dog and I feel like it’s really safe.”

The man police describe are similar to a string of attacks in Boulder. Last week a woman was robbed on the University of Colorado’s campus. On Monday, three women were robbed at 4 p.m. along Boulder Creek. On Tuesday, a woman was sexually assaulted in a parking garage.

Police in Boulder are stepping up patrols and teaming up with CU Police to search for the suspect.


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