DENVER (CBS4)- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is against a ballot initiative that would require all businesses to provide paid sick leave for employees.

Hancock reiterated his position during his State of the City address to the Metro Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. He said he can’t support Initiative 300.

Hancock said he understands that paid sick time helps employees. But he also agrees with opponents who say the initiative would hurt small businesses already hit hard by a shaky economy.

The initiative calls for between five and 10 paid sick days depending on the size of the business.

“While we are disappointed the Mayor says now is not the right time for a paid sick days policy, we know that two-thirds of Denver voters understand the ballot initiative is needed to protect the health of Denver’s 108,000 workers without paid sick days, their families and the community. All Denver residents are put at risk when lower-wage workers in restaurants, childcare centers and medical caregiving are forced to go to work sick because they work for businesses that do not provide paid sick days to their employees, said Campaign for a Healthy Denver spokeswoman Heather Atkinson.

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