DENVER (CBS4) – Vic Lombardi recently conducted an interview with Denver Broncos receiver David Anderson, completely on Twitter. Read the complete transcript (from Twitter) below.

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Vic Lombardi About to begin a revolutionary all-twitter interview with DavidAnderson89 … stay tuned

David Anderson Lets do this!!!

Vic Lombardi Hi

David Anderson How are you doing today?

Vic Lombardi so….ho you doing

David Anderson obviously your fat fingers dont hit the correct buttons. I am doing fine. Just typing on a computer in my spare time apparently

Vic Lombardi why are you returning punts?

David Anderson Because I run fast and catch balls for a living.

David Anderson Why are you asking such interesting questions?

Vic Lombardi ever get scared catching punts?

David Anderson Scared no. Anxious for sure. 21 people sprinting toardsyou makes it exciting

David Anderson of the Denver Broncos at Cowboys Stadium on Aug. 11, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Vic Lombardi are you friends with wes welker?

David Anderson wes and I have hung out a couple times. Not like we are pen pals or anything. Is there a little white comment/question coming?

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Vic Lombardi you’re my size. How come you’re in the NFL and im not?

David Anderson Because you are either. . slow, unathletic, pathetic, uncoachable, or you reached your potential in 5th grade. Or all

Vic Lombardi didon’t you do, like, weird youtube videos?

David Anderson weird is a matter of opinion. Some would call them amazing or oscar worthy

Vic Lombardi keep in touch with brad lee van pelt?

David Anderson sometimes. We have exchanged a couple texts and calls.

Vic Lombardi I may not be able to outrace you in a 40, but i’ll outype your ass all day, every day

David Anderson Congrats.. How much does that pay?haha

Vic Lombardi By the way, were you the one booing Orton yesterday??

David Anderson Those were not boos, they were ohhhs

Vic Lombardi Last question…in 140 characters or less, can you describe the afterlife

Vic Lombardi were you the one booing Orton yesterday?

Vic Lombardi Again, with the last question, in 140 characters or less, describe the afterlife

David Anderson philosophical DA= whatever fills your life with joy. With so many people and beliefs it cant be the same for everyone.

Vic Lombardi May the force be with you young Jedi…the force is strong in this one.

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