FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- People living near Horesetooth Reservoir west of Fort Collins want officials to drop plans for new campsites.

Residents don’t want more noise or more traffic associated with more RVs at the campsite.

The South Bay Campground currently has 72 campsites. There is a proposal to add an additional nine sites. Those campsites would generate about $50,000 a year.

The nine site proposal is down from the original proposal which called for 15 additional sites.

Some residents who live right across the road from the campground say the RV campsites will obstruct their view and mean more noise. They’ve gathered 100 signatures to show Larimer County Parks that they are serious.

“It’s just more view of RVs and they will end up seeing homes.And they’re here to get away, too. I feel it’s not a win-win for either side, ” said resident Brent Acott.

Acott, who has been organizing the opposition to the idea of the new campsites, does say that the county has been doing some good outreach on the proposal. The sent representatives to the property to show homeowners the site lines of the proposed campsites.

Larimer County said that adding the campsites would have minimal impact on the homes surrounding the property because there already is a 72-unit campsite located there.

Tuesday morning, the Larimer County Commission will consider whether to approve the expanded South Bay Campsite at Horsetooth Reservoir.


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