DENVER (CBS4) – Two young Broncos made very good first impressions during the Broncos first preseason game last Thursday night.

Eron Riley caught a pass from Brady Quinn in the fourth quarter against the Cowboys and scored a touchdown that put the Broncos ahead.

It’s a play Riley, out of Duke, has been practicing for weeks without success.

“It’s one that I always mess up. So it just so happens that at that time I got it right and was able to make a good play on it. Brady gave me a good ball,” he said.

eron Riley, Johnson Making Good Impressions For Broncos

Eron Riley talks to CBS4's Gary Miller at Dove Valley (credit: CBS)

On paper it might look like Riley’s name should be pronounced like one pronounces “Aaron,” but it’s not. It’s pronounced EEE-ron. When CBS4’s Gary Miller asked him about the unusual name he said it has to do with his other siblings also having names that begin with “E.”

“That includes Ericka, Eric, Eron, Erawls and Erianna,” Riley said.

The Broncos other touchdown in Dallas came courtesy of running back Jeremiah Johnson.

You’re excused if you weren’t exactly familiar with him, either.

“The defense came out in that funky D. (Quinn) came out there and snapped it real fast and I just followed my big (blockers) up there. They are my boys, so that’s all it was.”

jeremiah johnson Riley, Johnson Making Good Impressions For Broncos

Jeremiah Johnson (credit: CBS)

Johnson, who has impressed everyone in Training Camp so far, said he turned it to the “second level” when he sprinted into the end zone.

During their brief NFL careers both Johnson, who played for Oregon in college, and Riley have spend time in Carolina with the Panthers organization. It might be seen as a little advantage for the players, who are both fighting hard for a spot on the Broncos final roster.

Head coach John Fox, formerly the head coach in Carolina, is well aware of both players.

“They had a big night. Riley made a big touchdown catch. I like his progress so far,” Fox said. “So much of being young means making sure you are lined up and know what to do under pressure — I thought they both did an excellent job.”

Johnson and Riley are doing their best to take things day by day and not look at the big picture. Their goal is to do the best they can every time they are on the field and learn as much as they possibly can, especially from the veterans whose jobs they are trying to take.

Riley said one of the best advice he’s gotten is “Get the ball, run hard, put your head down. If there’s nobody in front of you show them feet.”

The Broncos next game will take place next Saturday against the Buffalo Bills. The game will be played at Invesco Field at Mile High.


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