WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – A Denver-area family who was getting ready for their twin boys to get their tonsils out says they were given very little warning when the pediatric ward at a Wheat Ridge medical facility suddenly closed.

The Anderson family brought their concerns about Exempla Lutheran Medical Center to CBS4, saying they didn’t want to have to face another season of problems.

“Going another winter with bouts of strep, bouts of sickness, possible hospitalization, really is not an option,” said Katie Anderson, mom of Zylan and Rycker, both 3.

The boys were scheduled to have their tonsils and adenoids out in a week, and Anderson says she just found out this week in a phone call that the facility where the boys were supposed to recover– Exempla Lutheran’s inpatient pediatric unit in Wheat Ridge — was shutting down.

“I was kind of upset and asked them ‘Why didn’t we have any kind of notice?'” she said. “And they said they didn’t really have any notice.”

The hospital released a statement saying “there’s been a shift to providing pediatric care in specialty hospitals or an outpatient setting. As a result, patient volumes in our pediatric unit have decreased.”

Exempla Lutheran sent CBS4 a new statement late Wednesday night saying they were working with the Andersons and that the surgeries should now take place next week as scheduled.

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  1. Em says:

    Maybe the Anderson’s should think about all the people that are losing their jobs because of this closure. I imagine these kids are brats based on the temper tantrum that their parents are throwing.

  2. Nathan says:

    Did these parents truly call CBS over what is essentially a business closure? There are other medical facilities. How is it that CBS even acknowledges this? There is no more news here than if they had complained that their neighborhood Blockbuster shut its doors.

  3. esteban says:

    This, my friends, is an example of the entitlement culture that is ruining this once great Nation. You all demand this and demand that, suing this person, suing that person, and in the end we all suffer. this hospital closed because they couldn’t maintain the facility any more. People like the Anderson’s probably want it nationalized and paid for by the government so they can have whatever they want. People like them make me sick.

    1. Cody says:

      Totally agree. Self entitled whiners like this are the primary sympton of our country’s illness. Is this news?!!? Whawhawha (baby crying)

  4. Jazz says:

    The children were going to “recover” there? Most T & A’s are outpatient surgeries. If there is complications than an overnight stay will be required. THere a plenty of facilites that offer this procedure. I’m with Em on this, what about those who lost their job? So what if you have to go to another facility?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Maybe her problem is there incompetence. I have been dealing with this hospital and their physicians billing company for 3 months now trying to GET a bill for my insurance company for a 15 minute ER visit where I wasn’t even seen by a doctor. I have talked to numerous employees, who all don’t seem to know how to figure out what’s going on or can’t seem to call back when they say they are going to. In my opinion the way this hospital is run is a joke and maybe she is experiencing the same incompetence. Telling someone a week before that their kids have no where to go after a surgery is probably pretty frustrating.

  6. Crystal says:

    I don’t believe in taking parts out of the human body that nature put in. If these children get sick every winter, maybe they should be dressed more warmly, given better nutrition, or something. I’m not trying to judge the parents — they probably don’t know what to do — but they can look for other options than surgery. I never had anything taken out of my son and now he is grown and healthy.

    1. Theo says:

      Really Crystal? You must have never heard of a bursting appendix, a necrotic gallbladder or an abcessed tooth for that matter. Or how about that large sarcoma growing in someones abdomen. All placed there by “nature”. Time to leave the 18th century kiddo.

  7. Diane says:

    why is this a story? also, 5 kids? Honey, quit breeding.

  8. LDH says:

    Most likely we are going to see much of this same kind of action happening not only in Denver, but across America.

    Citizens should have protested more loudly when Mr. Obama and members of the Democrat party forced the Healthcare Bill through Congress. The passage of the Affordable Care Act will most definitely guarantee that we are going to see many changes with existing medical facilities; such as units closing (as this Pediatric unit at Lutheran closed), declines in the numbers of doctors that have always been available, a more difficult time getting in to see doctors for appointments, and also being able to have surgeries in a timely manner.0

    This action is only the beginning of what will be coming because of the passage of that bill which is now the Affordable Care Act.

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