DENVER (CBS4) – It’s starting to look more likely that Kyle Orton will be in a Denver Broncos uniform and starting on Week 1 of the NFL’s regular season.

All the media hype surrounding the talk of a trade between the Dolpins and the Broncos for the quarterback had some fans at Dolphins Training Camp chanting “We want Orton.”

Perhaps the Dolphins weren’t offering enough, or the Broncos were asking to much, but those talks have stalled, and for some Broncos supporters like former wide receiver Ed McCaffrey, that’s probably a good thing.

McCaffrey was the special guest on Xfinity Monday Live! this week and he said that it’s never a bad idea to consider a trade for a good player if the end result ends up helping the team. However, Orton is the “best quarterback on the team right now,” according to McCaffrey.

“I think they were looking to trade him. I think now that he got his $1.5 million signing bonus it’s a lot less likely,” McCaffrey said on the show. “I think it would be a mistake to trade him.”

“Will he be a year from now or two years from now? I don’t know. Tim Tebow is a heck of a competitor. But Kyle Orton is a more polished quarterback. He’s a better passer and there’s a good chance that he’s more ready to start this season as the guy.”

Orton is showing lots of poise and determination at Dove Valley in the first few days of Training Camp. He took all the reps with the starters on Monday while Tebow was working with the backups.

Watch more comments from McCaffrey in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.

Comments (3)
  1. ElBoda says:

    do you guys have a proofreader? I’d like to apply.

    to > too

    1. Verd says:

      I watched training camp on 8-3-22. Orton was by far the better QB.
      Brady quinn should be back up. Tebow has no accuracy, the kid from Minnesota, looked better then Tebow.

  2. Buckin' Bronco says:

    I wrote my first memoir when I was 13. I’ve done underwear ads. I have a video of me chopping wood. I love Jesus and “Family Values”. I can create more “buzz” than Sarah Palin. I sell jerseys. Therefore I’m qualified to be the Bronco’s long-snapper this season. Besides, Mr. Elway, I bought a new Corolla from you in ’92–you OWE me!

    I don’t understand why all the Tebow-ners out there are standing so stiffly behind Timmy. All I can remember about his starts last year was hearing Benny Hill music when he was on the field. The term “show pony” seems about right. The Broncos need a doer not a showboat. Orton is their best shot. If the fans are running the show then the Broncos coaches and management need to go.

    If the Broncos want “buzz” they just need to win.

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