DENVER (CBS4) – Dozens of demonstrators were staking out Starbucks on Tuesday, protesting the company’s lack of paid sick days for employees.

The rally took place outside the Starbucks on 16th and Market. Demonstrators held signs, passed out flyers to customers, even wore infectious disease masks.

“Starbucks is a business that’s enjoyed a lot of success. Stores from China, Chile, and Greece, they provide paid sick days for their employees. Why can’t they do the same in Denver?” Jason McKain with Campaign for a Healthy Denver said.

Campaign for a Healthy is trying to get a proposal on the ballot this fall that would mandate all companies to give employees paid sick time.

  1. ella kunadi says:

    Starbucks is HORRIBLE. It’s corporate, and the coffee is poor quality. Forget “sick days” from them. Work somewhere else!

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