DENVER (CBS4) – Connor Martin is in his third season with the Denver Outlaws. He’s fourth on the team in goals, fifth on the team in points and the only member of the team with 2.5 million YouTube hits.

Martin, a striker, is a ruthless predator on the field. He scored five goals in a game a couple of weeks ago.

He also moonlights with the Colorado Mammoth, Colorado’s other pro lacrosse team. It was in a Mammoth game that Martin performed the game’s first celebratory flip.

“I think that game specifically we were on a four goal run. I scored the fifth goal. We were up. I did a dive goal that I knew was a flashy or at least a kind of exciting goal and I was like ‘This is it. I’m going for it. I don’t want to have any regrets. If I never play this game again, I want to be able to throw a backflip.’ So I hucked it.”

He ran to the glass where fans were cheering and threw his feet up on the boards and pulled it off. It didn’t go unnoticed by the opposing team, though.

“Then the rest of the game and then the next game after that — we played the same team — they tried to kill me. I remember getting my helmet ripped off the next game. I dove into the crease, took out the goalie and the guy ripped my helmet off, threw it like 30 yards and started pounding my face. I was like ‘You must not have liked that backflip.'”

Off the field Martin has developed an act that is an Internet sensation.

Martin was playing lacrosse at Chapman University when his alter ego — Con Bro Chill — was born.

“It’s just absolute absurdity and silliness taken to such a degree that you could only laugh at yourself. Is that a good explanation?” CBS4’s Vic Lombardi asked Martin during an interview.

“Exactly. That’s actually perfect,” Martin said in response.

115264223 Outlaws Martin Not Your Typical Lacrosse Pro

Connor Martin of the Denver Outlaws controls the ball against Brian Karalunas of the Long Island Lizards during their Major League Lacrosse game on June 3, 2011 at Shuart Stadium in Uniondale, New York. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) features Martin’s YouTube videos, which include funny skits and songs.

When talking with Martin, it’s clear he uses some pretty unusual terms, even for a lacrosse player.

“What is ‘Flow’?” Lombardi asked.

“Flow is hair that comes out of the back of your helmet. Because lacrosse players are obsessed with the way they look.”

In one Con Bro Chill video, Martin jokingly advertises a hairpiece that attaches to the back of a lacrosse helmet. The product that’s advertised helps the buyer look just like Martin, whose curly blond hair, or “flowbucket,” spills out the back of his helmet.

“I personally have ‘overflow,’ we say too much flow, or ‘flo-verload’ if you will.”

Martin was recently hanging out with some young lacrosse players at the University of Denver and was impressed by one player’s “flowchuga.”

connor martin Outlaws Martin Not Your Typical Lacrosse Pro

Vic Lombardi with Connor Martin (credit: CBS)

In addition to all the attention he’s getting for his YouTube act, Martin recently brokered a clothing deal with a company called Flow Society and he has his own line of lacrosse gear called Boom Town.

It’s all starting to get him some extra attention.

“There’s plenty of people yelling at me in the streets,” Martin told Lombardi.

Watch Martin’s popular YouTube videos at the Con Bro Chill channel. Also, visit Con Bro’s website

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