DENVER (CBS4) – A recent survey shows Colorado is one of the costliest states to get a car repaired. used the check engine light problem to get the cost of car repairs all across the country. Colorado is almost at the very top of the list for the most expensive place to get a car repaired.

The price of getting a car fixed varies from garage to garage, but now it’s known that it varies drastically from state to state. The recent survey lists Alaska as the most expensive place to get a car repaired, followed by Oregon. Colorado ranks No. 3. Costs in Colorado are 24 percent higher than the national average.

“I am about to spend $900 to get my gasket fixed,” Jesse Wood said.

Wood, like many, wonders why Colorado is so expensive.

“Really because of the weather and driving conditions; hot, dry weather, dusty conditions, stop and go driving, certainly it can affect all that,” Doug Kirchdorfer with the Downing Street Garage said.

The good news, according to those in the auto industry, is mechanics in Colorado have a better-than-average track record for successfully repairing cars.

The cheapest places for car fixes are Mississippi; Washington, D.C.; Vermont; Indiana; and Montana.

The best way to avoid having to pay out a lot in repairs is regular maintenance on a car, shopping around for the best price, and establishing an ongoing relationship with a reliable mechanic.


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