DENVER (CBS4) – Roller derby mania is in full effect with the Denver Roller Dolls and now they’re looking for a few good women to join them.

“When you say roller derby, people go, ‘Oh yeah, we heard roller derby is in town. We want to go see it,'” said Lexie White, who goes by the name “Faye Tall Blonde” on the rink.

Founded in 2005, it’s now considered one of the top leagues in the country.

“Now it’s legit. We’re athletes, it’s a sport, we compete. We’re competing for that national championship title. And it’s not scripted, so what you see is real,” White said.

White joined the Denver Roller Dolls 1 1/2 years ago.

“I’m a full time realtor,” she told CBS4’s Jane Monreal.

White has seen her share of bruises.

“I showed up to an appointment with a black eye and I just had to say, ‘I play roller derby.’ And they were like, ‘That’s so cool. So great,'” she said.

Monreal also caught up with Krystal “Gator Dunn” Sprouse at practice. She has her own reasons for joining the roller derby community.

“It keeps me very competitive and it keeps me very healthy; and it’s a huge family here,” Sprouse said. “All the girls; I love them.”

“To just get out there and not think about anything from any other part of my day and just give it all I’ve got and play some derby,” said Ariel Quigley, who goes by “Aerial Crash Quigley.”

“Once the game is over, we walk off the track and go have a beer afterwards and we’re all friends again,” White said.

Tryouts for the Roller Dolls are this Sunday at 3:30 p.m. The tryouts are at the team’s practice facility at 3600 Wynkoop. Check their website,, for more information.

  1. Number 6 says:

    I wish they had the high bank tracks like they did when I was a kid.

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