LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – A Longmont woman says a popular chain restaurant served drinks with tequila in them to her young children.

Pam Bruenning told CBS4 the incident happened on the 4th of July at the Chili’s on Hover Road.

Bruenning says she ordered three fruit smoothies and they came out in children’s cups. But what was inside turned out to be alcoholic strawberry margaritas.

A police report says there was miscommunication between the server and bartender, who thought the kid cups were for some adults who wanted to split the drink. The report says Bruenning had ordered virgin strawberry daiquiris.

Bruenning said her 8-year-old daughter took some sips of the drink and began to feel sick.

“Just drink some more of your smoothie,” she says she then told her. “And she said ‘I can’t drink any more. It tastes really bad.'”

Bruenning then took a sip of one of the drinks and instantly knew something wasn’t right.

“I could just tell. It would have made me intoxicated.”

The restaurant manager was extremely apologetic and offered the family gift cards and free food. Paramedics also checked out the kids and they seemed to be okay.

Bruenning says Chili’s needs to do a better job of training its employees.

“I don’t know how that mistake actually got made, it just seems to me really negligent,” she said.

Longmont police ruled the case was an honest mistake. The case has been turned over to the Longmont city prosecutor to see if any criminal charges could be filed.

Chili’s released a statement to CBS4 saying it takes this case seriously and is conducting its own investigation and “if warranted disciplinary action, which can include termination” will be taken.

Bruenning’s two other children are a 6-year-old and a 1-year-old.

Comments (8)
  1. denvervet says:

    Oh get over it, it was a mistake! Move on. No harm was done and luckily you found out what it was early on. Although this needs to be looked into its not newsworthy, glad her kids are ok.

  2. d says:

    She needs to get over it.. Obviously a mistake and she is probably just a piece of trash looking for some spotlight.. from the picture looks like she should buy some new jeans instead of going to chilis anyway! I wish i had this last 2 mins of my life back!

  3. Do love the children says:

    Did you even think to talk to the manager?! I’m sure they would have been willing to not only listen to you but reprimand they’re employees. Restaurant work is fast and furious in order to meet everyone’s needs. You’re probably the same type of person who would complain to a manager if your little darlings didn’t get exactly what they wanted on their “happy meals”. Calm down Mama tiger….there’s a way to protect our babies and still respect the adults in this world that are honestly working hard and do sometimes make mistakes like any other human being.

  4. bluesanta says:

    She’s the stupid one. Ordering “virgin strawberry daiquiris” ! That type of ordering REAL easy to get mixed up. She should have asked for a fruit smoothie instead, unless that is how Chili’s put in on the menu.

  5. FrankinDen says:

    It is pretty simple, Chili’s should never be serving alcoholic beverages in children’s cups. If that was SOP, then this mistake could not have happened. The best business processes prevents mistakes from occurring. This is more than just an employee error. This is a business process error.

  6. Robert Tilden says:

    Man I am jealous. When I was a kid, nothing good like that every happened to me! If I wanted a drink, I had to sneak out of my parents liquor stash.

  7. grumpy old man says:

    I think i smell a lawsuit in the air,plain and simple.

  8. Denise says:

    GET OVER IT! Actually, this mother should THANK Chili’s for teaching her children the dangers of drinking underage (aka, the little girl feeling sick, and it tasting bad). Seriously, we are all HUMAN…

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