BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)- A Boulder family is happy to be reunited with their dog, seven months after he went missing from their yard. Buster Brown, a Labrador mix, disappeared in November 2010. He turned up at an animal shelter in Salinas, Cali.

The dog and family were reunited on Friday.

“I don’t know what his life has been for the past seven months. He looks quite a bit older and quite a bit fatter,” said Buster’s owner Samantha Squires.

Unfortunately, the amazing journey the dog has taken, is only known by him. And he’s not talking.

Squires had given up looking when he was found this week 1,300 miles away.

The animal shelter in Salinas found Buster’s family thanks to a microchip implanted under his skin.

The phone numbers associated with the chip didn’t work. It was just one day before Buster was handed over to the State of California that Squires received the letter telling her that Buster had been found.

“My heart started racing and when I called she told me, ‘We’ve got Brownine’ that was the magic word.

Frontier Airlines told CBS4 when they heard of Buster’s story and the effort to get him home, they flew him to Colorado from San Francisco, free of charge.

  1. Flyswadder says:

    Good thing he went west and not toward Erie! If he had wound up in Erie, Jamie Chester would have murdered him!

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