DENVER (AP) – A harassment charge has been dropped in the case of a Colorado man who gave a state trooper the finger in April.

Saying it’s free speech to give officers the finger, the Colorado State Patrol said in a statement late Friday that it asked the case to be dropped. The State Patrol described the incident as “protected free speech.”

Shane Boor, 35, was charged with misdemeanor harassment after acknowledging “flipping the bird” to an officer making a traffic stop near Denver April 19. The American Civil Liberties Union offered Boor free legal defense in the case that made headlines.

Boor said he told the officer he gave him the finger “because you’re thieves and you harass people.”

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Comments (8)
  1. Jenkins says:

    AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! ! But, the entire blame cannot be laid on the police officers. In most cases they are just doing a job that has been “shoved down their throat” by the Goverment agency (Local city or state) so spending money can be replenished! Perhaps the officers should be empowered to cite government officials for their irresponsible spending! ! ! ! ! Until such time, , everyone should flip them off!!!

    1. Paul says:

      Jenkins – that’s probably the stupidest remark I’ve ever heard from a young teenager.

      1. Seyed Arash Hassanizadeh says:

        Then you’ll hear it again from a 28yr old guy. That teenager happens to be absolutely right.

        Officers are no more capable to make a legal determination about us, than about government officials. If they are unable to tell me what I did wrong, under what law, and whether that law is applicable to the facts at hand, they shouldn’t expect us not to criticize them or to explain why we’re so hostile. In fact, giving them the finger is doing them a favor – cops need all the feedback they can get. Also, Bush gave the finger to the world live on tv. Neo gave it agent smith. If a cop can’t handle a finger he shouldn’t be on the street.

  2. Buck says:

    Disrespecting a police officer should be a crime. Everyone needs to recognize the state as our god.

  3. Rodney King says:

    Never question authority. Always be happy when dee poeleece are around and whatever you do, don’t look black !

  4. Spaz says:

    Get a clue Jenkins

  5. Jimmy says:

    He didnt spit on him so it’s ok. The cops know they suck and should be used to getting the bird daily.

  6. Parabombastus says:

    I love the name, Boor. I gave some cops the bird in Colorado one time, they tackled my ass and put the cuffs on real tight. No charge.

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