DENVER (CBS4)- Several medical marijuana dispensary licenses have been denied and many other locations have been fined after a state investigation. Those dispensaries were determined to be in violation of a rule that requires them to grow at least 70 percent of their marijuana.

There are some 800 medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado serving 125,000 people who have been given the green light to use pot for medicinal purposes. Nine dispensaries have had their license requests denied and 50 more are being fined for not growing enough of the marijuana they sell.

“These shops if they were truly providing medicine for their patients they were doing it from their own grows and doing it in house,” said Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division head Dan Hartman.

Those dispensaries being denied are from across Colorado and have lost their bid to get a license once they are issued, starting in July. They are among 91 that have been under investigation since September 2010.

Sensible Colorado, the pro-medical marijuana group, feels the 70 percent rule is not needed.

“I don’t think it makes a lot of sense and comparable to making King Soopers grow the tomatoes they sell,” said Sensible Colorado spokesman Brian Vicente.

In July, a new law is expected to take effect regulating the dispensaries. The businesses will have to have background checks and credentials and some video monitoring, among other regulations. It’s expected 30 percent of the dispensaries may go out of business.

“It’s probably accurate that a lot of people got into this industry and didn’t think it would be this highly regulated,” said Vicente.

The investigation of the dispensaries is not finished and more licenses could be denied.

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  1. Anonymouse says:

    @Timothy Tipton: What scams have you been up to lately? What ever happened with the traffic stop in WY last year?

  2. Come On reporter, “Who, what, when, where, why & how”? Anyone bother to allow the state to actually identofy those businesses in violation… a public service? Obvipusly something is ROTTEN in Denver DOR, come Clean with real information!

    The Four Horseman of Drug Policy Apocolypse have officially arrived~~ Dan Hartman, Rob Kampia, Mason Tvert,& Brian Vicente

  3. Ronald Strout says:

    What about the damage,pain suffering,diseases,illnesses being perpetrated on Americans,and worldwide populations of people of The FDA,The Pharmaceutical Industry.Able to sell chemicals,toxins,poisons on a mass scale in the guise of legal prescription drugs all the while doing so Unregulated.Unregulated,mass poisoning Why is this Insanity allowed in society?The FDA who will go after them to stop this legal,Unregulated drug dealing operation?Perpetrating harm,upon mass populations.And they are accountable to no body.DEA goes after Natural Substances that are benefitting peoples health conditions,illnesses.etc.The FDA goes Unregulated legally poisoning mass populations,legally killing millions with prescription drugs.Where are you authorities,when will this be stopped?God have Mercy.Stop this Evil.

  4. Colorado Mmj Patient says:

    The 70% rule is ridiculous. No other industry has to deal with such issues. I understand that they are trying to prevent caregivers from selling to MMCs. But the requirement that EVERY MMC buildout and maintain a grow is ludicrous, especially since they cannot deduct ANYTHING for tax purposes.

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