ERIE, Colo. (CBS4) – The district attorney has cleared an Erie police officer who shot and killed a family’s pet.

District Attorney Stan Garnett says the dog lunged at the officer. Its owner, Brittany Moore, says the German shepherd named Ana didn’t do anything that warranted being shot.

Officer Jamie Chester went to the home after the owner called police about an unrelated harassment complaint.

Garnett’s investigation says the dog was two feet from the officer when he killed it.

Comments (12)
  1. Flyswadder says:

    Boycott Erie businesses!

  2. YouMUSTbeKidding says:

    This coward that murdered the dog is actually going to get off scott free? What a disgrace to the citizens of Colorado, our pity is with you.

    1. Karen says:

      Read a book. The science is there – the officer had every RIGHT to shoot that dog.

      The owner is a LIAR and has gotten us all riled up for nothing. SHE should be ashamed, she did not take care of her animal, it is on her. She called the police, she knew they were coming – that dog should have been in a bedroom or at least on a leash.

    2. SickOfPolice says:

      Have you ever know a cop that had been disciplined for being gun happy? Pigs, all of them.

  3. Larry Fortenski says:

    I agree with the decision. The owner herself admitted that she said “nein” to the dog as it lunged at the officer. She would not have said “nein” unless the dog was behaving inappropriately. Furthermore, the owner called the police and was expecting them to come to her home. The dog should have been on a leash or secured inside the home, and the dog would still be alive today.

    I’m pretty fed up with these wacky dog owners that think it is just so adorable that their dogs jump all over strangers or shove their drippy noses into strangers’ crotches. Keep control of your dog. If you cannot do that, then you shouldn’t have a dog. Maybe the owner knows the dog will not bite, but how are complete strangers supposed to read your dog’s mind?

    This owner is 100% responsible for this dog’s completely preventable death.

    1. Karen says:

      Good point about the nein.

  4. Darlene says:

    The cop didn’t claim the dog lunged at him at first. He said that the dog had her lip curled up and her hair up. The neighbor also said that the dog didn’t threaten the cop. The cop has changed his story several times. They even got the necropsy results changed as the original necropsy said that the dog was shot in the back. The reports before this had the dog going out to meet the cop in her own yard, not running wild. Then they said the cop came from the neighbors and the dog chased him into the neighbors yard (not what the neighbor reported). Then today they said the cop was hiding behind his car when the dog lunged so he shot the dog in the shoulder at a distance of 2 feet or less. Is his car only 2 feet wide. If he was in back of his car the dog would not have been within 2 feet of him.

  5. Martin says:


    Go back and read the media reports, the “facts” you are stating all came from the owner of the dog. No one even bothered to check the actual necropsy report, until the DA looked at it. I guess if you really believe the DA could get a vet to change his necropsy report to say something but the the truth I could buy it but I don’t see that happening.

    1. Gary T Gibbs says:

      The pathology indicates that the animal was shot from the front, facing the officer. And was in the act of lunging at the officer. The dogs owner can be heard clearly on the neighbors video that, “My dog lunged at him but did not bite.”

    2. darlene says:

      It was the owner AND THE NEIGHBOR who gave the reports of what happened. Maybe she reported the necropsy results and maybe someone else saw them, but that is what was reported in the news reports. Anyway, the owner AND the neighbor both reported that the dog was not attacking and the cop changed his story every time. And that was reported on every local channel.

  6. BW says:

    Dog bites hurt. People are maimed and killed by dogs. To call an officer a coward because he was protecting himself from injury by an animal is obnoxious and stupid. Go hug a tree or better yet get yourself bit by a snarling dog YMBKS.

  7. Karen says:

    It is absolutely incredible to me that some people can’t just open their eyes and SEE the FACTS. Bottom line, in this day and age we have the SCIENCE that can calculate and prove at what angle a gun was shot, the trajectory and also the path through the body (this case a dog). The SCIENCE proves and clearly states that the dog was LUNGING and UP on its HIND LEGS, and very CLOSE to the Policeman. This is the same breed that is trained by law enforcement to bring down criminals. This is not a poodle we are talking about.

    I am sorry for the sadness of the owner, because I going to guess that her greatness sadness is rooted in her GUILT. This is her fault and SHAME on HER for not taking care of her animals. She CALLED the POLICE and requested their presence in her home. She owned a German Sheppard – she should have had her dog in a kennel, on a leash, locked in a bedroom, etc etc etc. And SHAME on her for WASTING all of our tax dollars on this witch hunt that must be helping ease her guilt. I have been following this story, I have also reviewed comments on the “Justice for Ava” Facebook page – the science shows that the owner is a LIAR. Her statements on her page and to the media contradict the science. I have also seen on the FB page that people who posted the official report link, have commented that the page administrator keeps DELETING IT. They have also asked her on the page – WHY she and her lawyer would not meet with the DA.

    I am sorry – but it angers me to see people try to ruin someone’s life, livelihood for now reason. This woman should be ashamed of herself.

    I own 2 dogs, I LOVE my dogs, I also have a professional dog trainer for both of my dogs ($$$). I have also had to call 911 and request the police come to my home (my alarm system was triggered at 3am, I believe someone was trying to break in) – standard procedure of dispatch is to advise you to put your animals away and also put away any of your weapons (I am a gun owner, and proud of it). That was the instruction for my safety and the safety of my animals.

    I hope this woman can move on and she should seek professional help for her delusions or need to create such havoc to give meaning to her life. In the end I feel sorry for the dog that was not controlled properly and the policemen who has had to go through so much turmoil to just do his job.

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