DENVER (CBS4)- A Colorado woman who was sexually assaulted while serving in the Peace Corps is part of a coalition asking Congress for change.

Kate Finn was assigned to Costa Rica in 2006, where a year later, she was sexually assaulted. Finn reported the incident to a Peace Corps officer.

“And her first question, the first thing she said to me was, ‘Should I feel sorry for you or not?’,” said Finn.

Finn left Costa Rica without being offered medical care, counseling or the choice to prosecute her attacker.

The coalition, First Response Action, is asking the Peace Corps for better training and protection to be provided to volunteers who are victims. Legislation will be presented to Congress next week.

Comments (3)
  1. Michael Wilson says:

    I work with Kate and she is my hero.

  2. druid0621 says:

    Unfortunately, when you go to a Third World country, you cannot expect proper treatment. This seems especially true for women. And this is the reason those people are in the “Third World.” The fact that the Peace Corps did absolutely nothing is deplorable, and should be investigated to the fullest. That “officer” should be fired without a hearing.

  3. spike says:

    And the Peace Corps wonders why they can’t get enough volunteers……

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