COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Colorado Springs said Friday that there are at least five victims in their case against one of their own officers who allegedly had inappropriate contact with children.

Horace Mann Middle School in Colorado Springs (credit: CBS)

Joshua Carrier, 30, is a seven year veteran of the force and had frequent contact with children as part of his job. He was a school resource officer and a volunteer wrestling coach at Horace Mann Middle School in Colorado Springs.

Last week Carrier was arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography. A subsequent investigation then indicated Carrier had unlawful sexual contact with multiple minors. He was arrested Thursday on new charges of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

The Colorado Spring Chief of Police Richard Myers made a statement on behalf of the police department Friday.

“Our organization is shocked by the alleged conduct,” said Myers. “If the charges are substantiated, it will reflect on him alone.”

The latest allegations stem from actions a student says happened at Horace Mann School in Colorado Springs.

Joshua Carrier (credit: Colorado Springs Police Dept.)

One of the wrestlers there told CBS4’s television partner KKTV in Colorado Springs some of the contact happened when Carrier was checking the team for ringworm, a skin infection that’s common among wrestlers.

“He would actually take us into his own office one by one and touch us and look at us and stuff,” he said.

That wrestler’s father also told KKTV the school told them the checkups would be done in the locker room, but that apparently wasn’t what happened.

“I feel let down because the school is responsible to keep our kids safe,” said the father, who says coming forward with the story is just the beginning. He said he and his family plan to do whatever it takes to make sure this never happens again.

In addition to his assignment with Horace Mann Middle School Carrier has been a coach with the Police Athletic League and a youth advisor in a program for teenagers interested in law enforcement.

Carrier remains on paid administrative leave but police said on Friday they will pursue a suspension without pay for Carrier. He was released on bond. Carrier is scheduled to appear in court on May 23.

Colorado Springs Police encourage anyone that has information about this investigation or believes their child is a victim to call investigators at (719) 444-7509. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime-Stoppers at 719-634-STOP (7867) or text CSPD to 847411 (TIP411) with the tip.

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  1. Mann-Wass says:

    As a former student of Horace Mann I can only shake my head and continue to look at the administration expecting. Certainly not the first pedophilia case by this staff, not by far. When will they open their eyes and crack down? The Terevella case, was libel, slander, and thankfully PROVEN innocent. But prior to that there were multiple.

  2. FloLake says:

    Pervy is as Pervy does. The school in question trusted the police to screen their own inadvance, IMHO.

    The perp is headed for the slammer.

  3. patricia says:

    Until you can prove this man guilty in a court of law beyond a reasonalbe doubt, just stop slandering this man just because this is a cop. Grow up and only report the fact.. Remember reporters killed Princess Diana.

    1. AL says:

      Come on- really. He is a big boy and they proved he had child porn on his computer so they have probable cause. Now after great police work they have uncovered more crimes- he is not a victim because he is a cop. We give officers power and with power comes a high level of responsibility- He hurt everyone wearing a badge because like or not it will reflect upon his whole department.

    2. Will says:

      Patricia, you mean libel. Slander is spoken. And this story doesn’t have any libel that I can see, just a lot of despicable facts about a despicable human being.

  4. B. Dover says:


    1. James says:

      What’s with May 23rd are the courts that backed up ?

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