DENVER (CBS4) – Four people were arrested after a suspicious incident at Denver International Airport.

The incident happened Saturday morning at the south end security checkpoint. Airport personnel noticed someone videotaping the security lines. Police then confronted the person with the camera and the three people in line who were being taped. Two of those people did not have IDs or boarding passes.

Police arrested the man with the camera and the three people in line. Police say they don’t know what the group was doing. They were arrested on suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility.

Security was stopped for a few minutes and police conducted a security sweep but didn’t find any problems.

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  1. RufusVonDufus says:

    Were they middle-aged white people or senior citizens on an outing from their nursing home? Maybe they looked like muslims and we cannot hurt their feelings by describing them. Typical Democrat liberal garbage!

    1. Ron says:

      AMEN, you nailed it!!!!!

      1. joshbot says:

        All the while the infamous painting of a nazi soldier lording over the holocaust stands by. I wonder if the arrested people got a good look at the demonic pale horse statue or “The Mustang” as they call it on the way out. That place should be torn down. If ANYONE here thinks I’m joking google image search dia nazi mural. The entire airport is FILLED with shocking masonic and esoteric symbols. I was particularly disgusted by the news when they “disproved the conspiracies” of anything going on there. They were driven around in a golf cart while employees of the airport mocked the idea and ignored the elephants in the room.

      2. joshbot says:

        Obey. Freedom is dangerous and the Constitution is your enemy. If you don’t obey you hate America. Do not watch Fabled Enemies at youtube.

      3. Streaker says:

        I think it is time for the USA to begin Racial Profiling like Isreal.

      4. Panther says:

        Oh? Reveloution time then, eh?

      5. Just Another Guy that Likes Freedom says:

        Uh, Israel doesn’t racial profile, they behavior profile. It’s far more effective.

      6. Steve Palmberg says:

        The only thing missing from this story is just what the four people did that was illegal or wrong that would justify their geting arrested.

      7. Heinrich Schwartz says:

        Aren’t we over that yet? Let’s move on already. 6,000,000…blah, blah, blah…

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      1. kc says:

        you sound cute

      2. BackDrMan says:

        Do you do anal?

      3. DG says:

        That’s a little forward for a back doctor…

      4. TruthBTold says:

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    3. Towel Alert says:

      Could it be that they were Towelish adherents of the Religion ‘O Peace ™?

      1. Sheeple says:

        Or could it be that they were Americans that still have some respect for the rule of law and the fourth amendment? We can be arrested and imprisoned now for simply observing and recording the ever-extended grasp of the state. And we think nothing of it because we’ve become so conditioned to fear. I postulate that your fear is misplaced.

      2. PabloKoh says:

        Doubt they were from the religion of peace. I am thinking they are feedom loving patriots. They want to be prosecuted for videotaping in a public place, so that the Supreme Court can clarify that it is a First Amendment right to videotape TSA officers fonding little girls and boys in public. A Supreme Court ruling may finally stop the men with guns from kidnapping peaceful videographers, holding them in cages and finally releasing them with no criminal charges. The men with guns know they can not get a conviction, but they use arrest as a punishment. WE WILL RECORD!

    4. Wingless says:

      Republicans are the reason this country is in the shape it is. Stop blaming the Dems on everything!

      1. Virginia says:

        And just what is it that the republicans have done? You seem to forget Obummer has been in office for nearly three years! Hmmmm

      2. JP says:

        Wingless have a big glass of “Kool Aid” on me!!!

      3. mike says:

        you should change your name to SPINELESS…lol

      4. Dimslie says:

        Yeah? How do you come by that idea? We wouldn’t even have the terrorists over here if the Dims hadn’t changed our immigration laws in the mid ’60’s. They were warned even then but, typical Dims, they were on a roll with “improving our society” and no nutty idea was going to be wasted.

      5. sirtango says:

        wingless AND Clueless!

      6. JP says:

        Let’s change your name to “gutless” from here on…

      7. Hank says:

        Democrats have controlled both houses since 2006 and Obama has been on office 3 years now. How has anything gotten better? It’s only gotten worse. Stop trying to lay blame on everyone but yourselves.

      8. Clearhead says:

        “Wingless” — You should learn to spell your own name! It’s not WINGless. it’s BRAINless.

      9. Jorge says:

        What BS is this?

        Are Republicans the ones that wanted poor people to have homes they couldn’t afford? It was Democrats starting with Carter that implemented these policies and it was the second largest group of Democrat Party financial supporters after Trial Lawyers and Unions…fat cat Wall Street types who benefited from the ridiculous lending policies promulgated by Senator Dodd and Representative Franks. President Bush was warning about the impending catastrophe in the housing and banking sectors and problems with the GSEs (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) from the time of his first Budget proposal at the end of 2001 throughout his Presidency until it was too late.

        In fact at the 2004 Mortgage Banker’s Association Conference, Barney Franks in a speech said that “there was nothing wrong with the Mortgage and Housing Industries and that Bush was using fear to restrict home purchasing by the poor (see American Banker Magazine issue 4/21/04).

        Most of our problems are a direct result of Democrat policies.

      10. kellee says:

        This is not a problem of you versus me or me versus you. It is not a problem created by the average democrat, republican, independent, libertarian or constitutionalist. This is something our politicians have created. ALL of them. We need to stop fighting with each other and focus our attention on them. We’re so distracted fighting their battles for them with our fellow citizen instead of working together to hold them accountable for their actions. If they refuse to give themselves term limits, we MUST make a commitment to each other to vote them out after 8 to 12 years. No excuses. If they say they will do something & do the opposite. Vote them out. No 2nd chances. They ALL continue to do this because we ALL allow them to do this. Stop allowing them to do this to us. Most people don’t really know their representatives & senators. They see edited interviews & controlled campaign commercials & speeches. Stop trusting in the dirty politicians so much & start trusting in each other, no matter how eloquently they may speak, no matter how much butt kissing it appears they can do over the air waves. Over the past 50 to 100 years our country has started going down hill & at a much quicker speed these days. Both sides have had their moments to shine & here we are so angry with the situation that we are arguing with each other & calling each other names & generally being so hateful to each other when it is our politicians that deserve to be held accountable. Let’s hold them accountable, no matter how smooth talking they can be.

      11. Diamondback says:

        Here, here!

      12. Jimmy/Cleveland says:

        You Obama voters need to get real…

      13. Gazelle says:

        wingless AND Clueless!
        “Wingless” — You should learn to spell your own name! It’s not WINGless. it’s BRAINless.
        you should change your name to SPINELESS…lol
        Let’s change your name to “gutless” from here on…
        Lol – Succinctly put.

      14. John C says:

        Agreed, and the democrats should quit blaming everything on George Bush or the Republicans.

      15. JerryinTampa says:

        Not only are you “Wingless” you are also Clueless. Be gone you Socialist fool..

      16. Rich says:

        You’re an idiot…get off my phone

      17. no says:

        STFU. You’re both responsible for where we are and your petty selfishness is only making it worse. Idiots.

      18. Ed says:

        Wingless — you are also BRAINLESS!

      19. JakeR8 says:

        Wingless is right, of course. The majority of republicans these days are simply ignorant and can’t mange to think for themselves.

      20. RP says:

        Wingless or clueless? If you recall Clinton was offered UBL and he refused the offer. How different would things be had he taken Syria up on the offer? Oh and the dems in the last 2 years control have SPENT MORE than ALL OTHER Presidents COMBINED!

      21. mark says:

        Wingless, you are also brainless…The deomcratic administration currently in office is te one violating our rights, but you are too stupid and brainwashed to understand…Just go back to whatever line your leaders told you to stand in and wait patiently for you lobotomy to be completed. The poison has taken affect in your brain but soon it wont hurt at all, YOU SLAVE!

      22. Aaron says:

        lol “mark”, I want to thank you for making me smile. Your idiocy and genuine lack of knowledge is incredible.

      23. hello says:


        “mark”, thank you for making me smile. Your idiocy and obvious lack of intelligence was incredibly amusing.

      24. Ron Spittle says:

        I don’t know about immigration reform. But I do know that we need to halt the unstoppable wave of Drudge Report morons rushing to leave kneejerk comments on every site that gets a link.

        When they see Drudge’s “red light,” they drool like Pavlov’s dogs. Woof, woof!

      25. Katy says:

        I think that democrats and republications are equally to blame for the state of the union. It is time to consider a third party option.

      26. Casey Brown-Myers says:

        What are you smoking? It was a Leftist President, a leftist Senate and a leftist Congress that passed all of the new crazy legislation that put us were we are today. Do you live in a cafe or do you just fail to see the truth?

      27. rexx havikk says:

        Republicans… LMAO we need to worry more about anti-US Ameriphobic progressive communist totalitarian fascists than Republicans

      28. Patriot for Freedom says:

        Why not blame the dumbocrats? They are a group of Nazi loving people who want to destroy this country.

      29. Cowboy says:

        Wingless, You are clueless. Probably classless and brainless too. About 75 years of liberal policies made by dems is what got us here with the help of liberal justices on SCOTUS and gutless wonders called RINOS.

      30. It's all Bush's Fault says:

        It’s Bush’s fault.
        Now pass the pipe.

      31. TOM SERVO says:

        You programmed robots still can’t see the forest, can you? “Dems and Reps,” what a joke. Try looking at the bigger picture as an individual – you know, the picture beyond the opinions of everybody else, or what you might even call reality? – and you’ll see they both have the same goals in mind these days: It’s all bigger government. It’s all “Empirical America.” It’s all a machine that can only keep itself running by using you as its fuel. These parties don’t support or represent “us,” are you kidding me? To both of these parties, you are just a number and statistic.

      32. edger wilson says:

        You should change your name to Clueless
        Why did 2 of the 3 in line have no I.D. on them?
        Why didn’t they have a boarding pass in the security line?
        Why was someone filming that?

        This had nothing to do with Rep of Dem you friggin moron

      33. dannyvice says:

        And Dems took over congress in 2006. That’s five years. No matter how much control and power the dems have, they will NEVER take responsibility for their failed and intrusive policies. Never.

      34. ItsJo says:

        Wingless/Brainless: You CANNOT be serious, when Clintons were in office, Bin
        Laden called America a “Paper Tiger”, as when we were attacked several times
        prior to 9/;11 ON CLINTON’S WATCH, he treated Terrorism as a Police Matter, rather than a TERRORIST ATTACK-Do you RECALL the First WTC attack with the
        blind heretic? Probably not. So if you can’t be honest, perhaps you should NOT come to a site and lie about FACTS. I studied Terrorism, so wise up, FACE the facts, and stop LYING you POS.;

      35. NowListenUp says:

        you big dope with an IQ that can freeze water.

      36. dave says:

        No the DEM’s F***** it all up an you morons keep electing them
        so when our freedoms are all gone you can blame yourself.
        2012 Herman Cain
        Free Tax

      37. Uranus Hertz says:

        Thanks George Bush and republican-controlled house and senate for creating the TSA and the PATRIOT act and sending us down the road toward totalitarianism!

      38. August Red says:

        The President is only one part of the ‘fix the country’ picture. It’s everyone involved, Pres, House, Senate. The House and Senate have more to do with fixing things than the Pres does.

      39. dave says:


        What planet are you living on?????

      40. Mark says:

        oh my. republicans insulting someone with a different view to divert attention away.

        that never happens. the internet is a crazy place.

        The Republican Political Motto: Don’t ask, don’t tell isn’t just for the gays anymore!

    5. preston says:

      arrested for “suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility” now thats scary

      1. Navy Buckeye says:

        I thought the same thing Preston. Where is that one in the law books? I would like to arrest the politicians who make these laws for “suspicion of interfering with the economy and stealing my money”

      2. Jay Cunnington says:

        Arrested, but not charged with “suspicion”. I’m guessing this was an impromptu TSA test by some vigilant(e?) citizens.

      3. Tom Leone says:

        “suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility” What a laugh, Are they making this stuff up as they go!!!

      4. Gazelle says:

        Great – arresting TSA agents for interfering with (groping) innocent taxpayers doesn’t seem to be an offense. Love Navy Buckeye’s response.

      5. Ron Langevin says:

        I doubt if suspicion enters into it. They da.. sure are!!!……..and should be arrested.

      6. Amy says:

        How were they “interfering” by simply video taping?

    6. kats says:

      100% nailed it. But hey, as long as Janet darling continues to profile white gramma’s the media can put out no news garbage like this to make leftists feel safe.

    7. John Connor says:

      Please stand up for freedom and help put a end to this police state we live in. The TSA agents are not groping your sons and daughters to protect you. They are groping your family members and loved ones because the goverment considers average citizens as the threat and they want to show you who is boss. I do not think the TSA agents have caught one terrorist since they started groping people. I think the only people they have caught are normal citizens who are protesting about the loss of there freedoms. Is America still trying to build a free society? Or are we trying to turn the whole country into a prison so that we only have the illusion of being free. We are losing the most imoportant freedom of all and that is the ability to stop our own goverment from having complete control over us.

      1. Rod Anders says:

        I have lived in a police state. You have absolutely NO IDEA what a police state is, or is like.

      2. Terminator says:

        Resistance is futile human, submit to your new TSA overlords!!



      3. DTJ says:

        There is no ‘right’ to travel by commercial airline. Those that CHOOSE to use commercial airlines, have an expectation of enhanced security in this day and age, not just for personal safety, but for economic safety. I want my fellow passengers screened, and I am sure they want to know that I have been screened.

      4. Scooby says:

        Rod, you said you lived in a police state…what we are seeing here is the beginning of a slide to that same end result. This may not look like what you experienced, but once people acquiesce to the government taking away freedoms, one by one, eventually we will not recognize the country we call United States of America.

        I agree with John. Fight this, and if it means not flying, so be it. The airlines won’t begin protesting what TSA is doing until their pocketbooks are hit.

      5. Pilot.Dave says:

        Rod Anders may have lived in a police state, but they typically don’t go from Land of the Free to Stalin’s back yard over night…. Right Ron ? So, this is a number of steps down that path.

      6. Jacob says:

        I have lived in Multiple Police states and feel safer reporting problems to the Police in China then in the US. They walk softly and unless you are offending someone in power they do not bug you because they think maybe you know someone who is more powerful then their boss. Here the Police say they are Authorities (they are public servants unless this is an authoritarian nation). They make up laws without any respect for anyone and they make up laws on any given day to hold people illegally. After 5 years in other countries that are quote police states I have learned I am safer in them then here. At least there the rules are clear and as long as you do not cause trouble the authorities do not wish to tell any of the higher authorities about a small local problem so they let them slip. Here the Authorities (who use to be public servants) harass and intimidate people they don’t know make up laws that do not exists and test there limits or authority because they feel safe in there job and no chance of them loosing their job because of their low quality illegal work exists so they are free range thugs who wish they where on a SWAT team running about making up laws.

        I would rather report a theft in CHina to the Chinese police any day then the US police. You Sir are nuts.

      7. John says:

        Well Rod Anders it seems like you didn’t care for the police state you lived in, and you moved to America. And since you didn’t like the police state you lived in you must understand why we do not want a police state in America. So if we both want America to be the complete opposite of the police state you came from then you have to stand up for more freedom rather then less freedom. We do not want to live in a country that is only half as bad as where you came from. We want to live in a free country so that would be the complete opposite of the police state your from. Do i really need to explain to someone like you after what you have experienced the importance of stoping the first sign of wrong doing before it becomes complete corruption that is irreversable. We do not need someone to tell us that in North Korea it is so bad that we should be ok with small amounts of freedoms being taken from us, because after all its not as bad as North Korea. No we want to be the shining light the bekon of hope. In other words we don’t give up on a complete free society just because you have seen worse or it could be worse etc etc. Mark my words at the rate we are going 10 years from now we will all have to revolt with pitch forks in hand or we will live a life similar to the place you lived before coming to what you hoped was the most free society on the face of the planet.

      8. Gary says:

        To DTJ and anyone else who says there is no “right” to air travel. I refer you to Federal law which establishes a right to air travel under:

        See 49 U.S.C. § 40103 : US Code – Section 40103: Sovereignty and use of airspace, section (a)(2): “A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit through the navigable airspace.”

        US Courts have held that a citizen has the right to freely travel between the the 50 states and Internationally. The vehicle or means to travel is left up to the person traveling.

      9. Artur Jose says:

        I recently worked as an aid worker in Cuba for several years and can tell you that America has become much, much worse than Cuba was like in the 1990’s. There’s not much worry about “security” in Cuba and they don’t suspect that every one of their citizens and every visitor / foreign resident is a terrorist like they do here in America. I am proceeding to move back to my home country, Portugal, where people do not push a “panic button” every time they see a camera, or some birdwatcher with binoculars. And everyone in my home country knows that bin Laden had nothing to do with 911.

      10. Gazelle says:

        John, I too come from a ‘police state’ and so was very disappointed to discover a police force (in the US) that is so ready with a pair of cuffs for what at best should be a civil case. I say ‘at best’ because in so many cases I have either witnessed or read about, and similar to judges findings in a lawsuit, a lot of this seems to be about police and judges taking the law into their own hands to ‘right the wrongs of the past’ by making criminals of unsuspecting law-abiding citizens. While I certainly appreciate your concern about what is going on with enforcement agencies and the law courts this is very different from a ‘police state’ where you know exactly what you can be arrested for. In the police state where I lived I have informed enforcement agencies of my rights (as they existed in that country) and they have honored them, but what would happen to me if I informed TSA of my rights under the 4th Amendment? What we have here are enforcement agencies that are out of control with no clear purpose. Anyone who thinks all this groping and naked body scanning is keeping us safe from terrorism is far more scary than the terrorist because we know what the terrorist wants to do and there is an intelligent way to lessen the threat but we have no idea what the idiots who think we need to be groped and scanned are going to come up with next or what they are going to charge us with once they have arrested us. Holding cells full of innocent people whilst the terrorist roams free?? It is time to do something about this Orwellian state.

    8. Norm says:

      Now Rufus, just because there has never ever been an attempted hihacking by a little old white lady doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. You must be one of those right wingers clinging to a gun and a bible.

    9. WAP says:

      And how do Muslims look like Mr. informed conservative?
      Do you know that there are Chinese Muslims, Europeans Muslims ( white with colored eyes) and black Muslims ? Do you know that the last wannabe Airplane bomber in Detroit look exactely like Juan Williams as he was from Africa?

      1. Dave says:

        Dude (or Dudette), seriously.. the Detroit Christmas Day bomber-wannabe looks NOTHING like Juan Williams. So now you are doing exactly what you’re criticising the other person of doing. They all look alike, huh? Give it a rest.

    10. John says:

      The interesting (and scary) thing is that these fake scares and nonsense stories have succeeded in taking away the heat from BO about his fake birth certificate. If anyone thinks the timing of the alleged OBL kill is just a coincidence, you need to wake up.

    11. Bubba says:

      Pig Cops run amok

    12. PleaseIgnoreDufus says:

      What are you blathering about?

      These guys didn’t do anything wrong, regardless of what they looked like.

    13. Leatherneck says:

      If it was domestic white terrorist clinging to their weapons, and Bible, they would have reported it already. I bet it is the Amish again.

    14. Chalres D says:

      really? that’s really what you got from this? not “wait a second, when did it become against the law to stand around holding a video camera?”… this is the problem with America.. you’re so stuck between “Rs” and “Ds” you can’t see they’re both total rubbish and are stripping you of your rights. I don’t see any party doing anything worth while to curb the decay of our rights.

    15. jake says:

      of course they looked like Muslims, because if they were Caucasian or American-looking, the “journalist” would have described them as “white” or “religious-looking” or “possible right-wing fundamentalists”.

    16. max says:

      you damn sure got that right!!

    17. Templar X says:

      Indeed, America has been taken over by corporate fascists (those running and owning the corporations) and their minions, the politicians (like Chuck Shumer) and the police (TSA, Homeland Security, etc.)!!!

  2. Constitutionalist says:

    Since when is “suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility” a crime?

    1. jaazee says:

      Suspicion is not a conviction…but a cause for arrest. If there is any crime on those lines at airports it’s the TSA molesting children.

      1. ByteRider says:

        Amen, didn’t they just recently arrest a TSA agent for being a pedophile? I thought it was around 2 months ago. I’m beginning to think all the pedos are gonna apply for that job now that they get to feel up the little kids.

        Sick b@ast@rds.

    2. FreedomHasSomeRules says:

      Constitutionalist, you’re right, it shouldn’t be a crime, anyone, anytime anywhere should be able to film anything on anyone’s property whenever they want. So, anyone should be able to stand on your front door, record you when you come out, follow you to work, record you at work, follow you home, record you at home, peer inside your windows..record.. Are you getting the picture.
      Hey, live with your freedom a bit and appreciate it, but let’s not overdoe it. I’m glad these people we’re found out and/or confronted or apprehended, or are you suggesting anyone without ID or a boarding pass should be able to walk our airports whenever they want? (Notice I didn’t mention anything about who it was, white, black, yellow, muslim, whatever.. I don’t care and neither should you).

      1. MrSpkr says:

        Umm, I suppose people could show up on Constitutionalist’s doorstep — but as soon as he asked them to leave, they would be compelled to do so as his residence is private property. Ditto with his office. The Denver airport, on the other hand, is open to public access. So long as the people doing the filiming were doing it from a public location, I don’t see the crime here.

      2. JSmithy says:

        @MrSpkr: You’re wrong… the Denver Airpoort is private property.

      3. FreedomHasSomeRules says:

        MrSpkr (below) You’re wrong on this, this is state/federal property, you can be detained and/or trespassed whenever they see fit… Sorry, get over yourself, you’re not that important. If you want to do suspicious activity on this kind of land, where states and federal exercise transportation rules, you better be able to take the consequences… again, you’re wrong, sorry to say.

      4. Cavity Sir says:

        Just squeeze their nutsacks to check for WMDs, and send them on their way. Molestation is freedom!

      5. JoefromSelmer says:

        Right on “Freedom has some rules”. Liberals will never understand OR CARE until something bad happens to THEM. I agree with everything you said.

      6. Feste Ainoriba says:

        The TSA doesn’t want people recording them as they sexually molest people. It is simply too embarrassing.

        We should be able to record any official act that is not classified. Government needs to be accountable to the people: not vice versa.

      7. wddb says:

        Stalking an individual is hardly an analogy.

      8. Midnight says:

        Filming me at my front door lol My property is private so you cant. filming me in line at an airport is ok just dont make any money off of it. I guess you want people to not film in line at Disney world either lol What a crime that is. Your example was of a stalker not a person filming in line big differece go back to Russia

      9. Jim Kress says:

        It’s a PUBLIC facility. Your house is not. The government has no legitimate expectation of privacy. Their action has no basis in law and is int itself illegal. The people arrested should file charges for kidnapping, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution.

      10. James Fischer says:

        It might be federal/state property but who owns federal/state property. This makes a public facility with full public access. Have you ever read the fourth amendment? It states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable search and seizure shall not be violated….” This is definitely unreasonable search and seizure. EVERYTHING TSA does in unreasonable search and seizure.

      11. SLIDINGINTOIT says:

        ___________BUILDING 7____________


        911 WAS A CON JOB.



        ________COME BACK TO REALITY…


      12. Freedomthinksyouranidiot says:

        How ignorant.

      13. Locke says:

        are you stupid? by the way, the fact that you had to mention that in the bottom of your statement implies the racial profile, even if you aren’t saying it. That’s a horrible example taken completely out of context; perhaps people should not be allowed to film airports in line, but they shouldn’t be arrested for it. What’s next- handcuffs for accidentally taking a key through a scanner?

      14. jabusse says:

        so filming in ones home is the same as filming in a very publick place?????? Idiot.

      15. 2Anglico says:

        Federal and or State owned???? Last time I checked, the government, State AND Federal, were granted their authority from the consent of the governed. We ARE the owners. But the U.S. is a nation of sheep today.

      16. Don says:

        Except that we pay the salaries of the TSA…therefore, they work for US….thus, we should be able to record/monitor their conduct.

      17. XPIOLT says:

        When I was a kid we used to go to the airport and watch the planes land and take off. I didn’t even have any ID yet. But now because you sheeple that cower in fear every time the corporate owned media tells you to we cannot do that anymore. Its always been illegal to take photos of people that do not want their photos taken unless they are public, especially on their own property. So please take your sarcasm and dis-info somewhere else. The Denver airport was paid for with our taxes and it is public owned.

      18. Charles Ingels says:

        Yes it freedom does have rules. It’s called the Constitution and abiding by it.
        This is ridiculous.

      19. Tom Davis says:

        To answer your question is. We are being put on “film” all the time. Look around you. Look on top of the street lights, highway signs, supermarket ceilings, banks, ect. I guess it just depends on who is holding the camera.Right.
        P.S.Our founding fathers did not come here for “bit of freedom”

      20. RufusVonDufus says:

        MrSpkr, you’re right, they should have simply shot them!

      21. Joe says:

        Theres a differance between private property and a public place an airport being public and your home being private.

      22. Robrt says:

        A public airport is just that, a public place.
        Except for the areas around the planes, anyone cam walk the concourse. It is called freedom, maybe you’ve heard that word?

      23. ms says:

        @FreedomHasSomeRules: Unlike many of the examples you cite, this airport is a public venue. You do realize that anyone can enter a public airport terminal and stand in a line without having an ID or a boarding pass, don’t you? Whether you then make it past concourse security is another matter.

        You should also realize that there is no reasonable expectation of not being videotaped while standing in the security line in the airport terminal.

        Are you getting the picture?

      24. shaun says:

        I like how your sound like you aren’t discriminating the “races” at the end of your rant! I also like how you assume that “muslim” is a race when you lump it in there with skin colors. I’m sure you are another proud gradjee-hate of our public school system. Keep up the “not caring”

      25. Yomama says:

        Shut UP….Hey is evryeone posting at work also.

      26. professorfate says:

        It is precisely this kind of self-important “legalese” BS that has us where we are and enables the government to abuse their authority. There’s just no common sense or reasonable intelligence in it. Oh, and congrats on your quite politically correct and spineless “non discriminatory” approach. You’re obviously quite proud of your self-righteousness.

    3. Joe K says:

      Since 9/11/2001 or shortly there after, DOLT!

      Try and keep up.

    4. Riley says:

      Since the use of transportation is a privilege and not a right.

      1. Bilbo says:

        What an idiot. It’s private business. Freedom to move around is a basic right.

      2. FreedomHasSomeRules says:

        “Bilbo”… Seriously? Did you just pause your Xbox and take a chance to respond to this, before the short bus is coming to pick you up before 1st period? You’re clueless…

      3. Midnight says:

        Transportation is a privilege lol You are wrong on all levels of that. It is in China and Russia. Here we have the Right to get to point A to B its a RIGHT. Look it up commie

      4. Bilbo says:

        So ‘Freedom’ thinks using transportation is a priviledge? What a bunch of spineless cattle. Sorry Mr Revere…you;ll have to get off that horse…you have no right to ride.

      5. James Fischer says:

        Riley, Your wrong. You have a right to travel anywhere in this county by any means of transportation without having to suspend your fourth amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. What has TSA or the Department of Homeland Security done to prevent any terrorist threat. Everything they have done is after the fact. Want me to define unreasonable? How about the frisking (molestation) of a six year old. Having you shampoo confiscated because you have more than 3 ounces. How about having the hard drive of your computer searched just because some Gestapo agent believes he can do whatever he or she wants. How about being groped by some pervert again simply because they think they can. When will DHS close our borders. When will they do anything truly constructive and not just herd the sheeple along. Borrow some logging chains and look around you while you still can.

      6. o9rady says:

        He is correct, use of public transportation systems is not a ‘right’. There is NOTHING in the constitution (where our ‘rights’ are defined) . An example of this is: you can’t just buy a car and legally drive on the roads without a driver’s license. This is a privilege being issued by the government. The government CAN put you on the ‘No Fly’ list. Rights cannot be taken away because they are given to us by the Creator (as defined in the Constitution).

      7. Daniel Sherfy says:

        We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by there creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
        Liberty is a concept in political philosophy that identifies the condition in which human beings are able to govern themselves, to behave according to their own free will, and take responsibility for their actions. I believe this explains our right to travel as we see fit.

      8. James Fischer says:

        O9Rady, you are not looking at the fourth amendment. This applies regardless of whether you are traveling by car, train, bus, plane, bicycle, motorcycle, or any other form of transportation. You have the RIGHT, as guaranteed in our Constitution to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. Without probable cause as “…supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searches, and the persons or things to be seized.” This is a right. TSA cannot take this right away from you nor can they bend it to suit their purposes.

    5. I don't like it either, but that is where we are at. says:

      Since 9/11/2001. And I don’t think “crime” is the correct word. That word belies your pre-9/11 thinking. Now, I believe that you have to consider the action of gathering intelligence as a *possible* act of war.

      1. Robrt says:

        So much for the First Amendment. A professional spy wouldn’t get caught. Your type of reasoning makes every investigative reporter equivalent to a traitor.

      2. yomama says:

        so much for proper gramma.,,,,,,.where are you at

    6. Jarhead6981 says:

      Since 911….where’ve you been? Stop trying to find ways to hinder safety and beyotching about security and just DO IT.

      1. BigDaddy777 says:

        Are you kidding me? You refer to yourself as Jarhead, so I assume you are or were a Marine. Marines don’t cower under the bed or blindly submit when someone says, “Bend over and grab your ankles.” Marines don’t even blindly follow orders from their superiors if they believe they are illegal.

        Are Americans so afraid of the boogie man that they give up their freedoms just because someone says, “This will make you safer.” Americans need to grow a pair and stand up for their rights. Where does it end? Today UpChuck Schumer wants a “Do not Ride” list for AmTrack. Maybe tomorrow they install the same security to go into a shopping mall or roadblocks demanding …etc. America is supposed to be, “Land of the Free, Home of the brave.” Some of the comments I’ve read make me sick. America is no longer free, because of the cowards.

    7. Joel Holtzman says:

      An institution such as an airport, which is responsible for other lives, must act in the interest of those it serves. Therefore, it makes sense to not allow people to film security protocol or anything else that would not be of interest to a normal person. The idea is that we already know the difference between filming something out of self interest (parks, views, live events) and something that could not serve any purpose to an individual unless they were trying to glean data. Why would you do so if you didn’t have any plans to use it to your advantage?

      As you argue we have the right to ‘film’ an institution has a right to protect its customers. Some view it as a ‘right’ to be in an airport. That is not correct. It is a privilege. Want proof? Go to one without a ticket and see what happens to you.

      1. poolekat says:

        So when the airport security people grope you the wrong way, you don’t want there to be any proof of it.

      2. Daniel Sherfy says:

        It is our right as Americans to be any where we wish. We can be at the airport without a ticket, we just cannot go through security. We have the right in this country to pursue Happiness and for Liberty. If they don’t want people filming the security procedures than they must deem them as classified and perform them behind closed doors. Which is not allowed by the forth amendment.

    8. lurkio says:

      when you look like a person likely to be a terrorist, like it or not, some baseline has to be established to give guidance to the people protecting us.
      whilst we need people to protect our civil rights, unfortuneatly some one always goes to far.
      some people need their heads looking at, I know yes I know how far we should be going, so stop telling me this to far you clown.
      get out of moms basement, get a Job, be a usefull member of American society or go Afghan-Pakistan and live like your under siege A##hole.

    9. Sam Weinsitine says:

      Since George Bush gave control of the US govt to an illegal alien.

      1. Daniel Sherfy says:

        Bush had nothing to do with it, He was term limited and had to leave. The tree hugging liberal hippies voted in the alien.

    10. Jim Kress says:

      Since Obama was immaculated.

    11. Mike says:

      An airport is a public accommodation. Anyone has the right to use it and do as they wish unless there is a compelling reason otherwise. That is why the religious fanatics are allowed to proselytize there- the Supreme Court has already spoken on this. The TSA employees are public servants, they do their job in public, the people going through the checkpoint have no reasonable expectation of privacy in the public area but they have the right to request a screening in a private area.

      Sounds like the airport police are just cracking the whip over the sheep, getting their gratification and making themselves look busy. If TSA is doing something they wouldn’t want recorded and broadcast, maybe they shouldn’t be doing it, no?

    12. Yaspar says:

      Uh, since forever. What planet do you live on?

    13. LEL2007 says:

      Anybody without ID or boarding pass has no business in the security line. TSA has enough to do without having to putz with some aholes looking to make a smash hit on YouTube.

    14. 1776fred says:

      When you give up Liberty For Security you have neither. Ben Franklin

    15. August Dunning says:

      it was in NAZI Germany and it is Here….we need to form Jeffersonian Sleeper cells and get ready to take our country back from the banking terrorists pay these NAZI Camp managers…the TSA

    16. Anon says:

      When posted signs say that you are not allowed to film the TSA screening area…thats when.

    17. billybeer says:

      Since September 11, 2001

    18. Bob W says:

      It’s not a crime, but as long as the TSA can detain someone for no good reason, that’s enough to scare them into refraining from what they legally have the right to do. It’s kind of like telling your local public school administration they can’t give your kid a flu shot, but they give it to your kid anyway and later say “Sorry, we must have lost the paperwork.” I think martial law (via the Patriot Act, which Obama extended) has secretly been declared and most people don’t know it yet.

  3. nomatter says:

    IF, and it’s still and IF, If these were terrorists planning an operation then we’re in good shape. Could they be any dumber?

    1. August Dunning says:

      Revolution is the solution, the Banksters will not give our country back without a fight and I look forward to the Battle of Wallstreet.

      1. ByteRider says:

        Absolutely, August. Revolution IS the only solution.

        No Dem, Rep or Ind is going to save us from the upcoming financial doom. It’s not like getting a new accountant is going to make your books look better, you know what i’m saying?

        I was giving it 3 more weeks but gas prices suddenly drop. Gas has to hit >$5/g before you’ll get people to signup to a revolution.

  4. AirportGuy says:

    and the people were of which nationality please? Just “people” or might they in fact have been suspected Islamic terrorists? Description please?

    1. David Needham says:

      Nationality is no proof of terrorism. By your logic, Oklahoma City was not a terrorist attack because it was by 2 white Americans, right?

      1. Babylonian says:

        exactly the most recent terrorist killed in the USA was a few days ago, a white christian guy who bombed a mosque

        domestic terrorists who hate the government are everywhere.. they call themselves tea partiers and they threaten violence against the government at their rallies

      2. Dennis says:

        Nancy Pelosi? Is that you?

      3. IndieDeclare says:

        Your moniker is appropriate. You are of your father, the father of lies, and the devil himself. More than likely, you work for the southern poverty law center you fascist pig.

  5. Scott Aspen says:

    Since when is being suspicious against the law?

    1. Garth says:

      Since 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11.

      1. wddb says:

        “Bin Laden Determined to Strike U.S.”

        I guess somebody should have read his briefing that summer.

      2. David Needham says:

        Those who would give up necessary freedoms for temporary security, deserve neither.

      3. August Dunning says:

        yeah, but they were murdered by the british
        september 11 1776
        september 11 1812
        september 11 1864
        september 11 1912
        september 11 2001

        open your eyes and join the revolution against the New Nazis

    2. Jack BootThug says:

      This is the NEW America, boy! You are guilty until proven innocent by a jury of your bought and paid for peers! Good Luck!

      1. FreedomHasSomeRules says:

        Jack BootThug… You’re the perfect example of someone who likes deep fried ice cream: You want it both ways… And the next time an air disaster happens (or some other man made disaster comparable to 9/11) you say “WHO’S AT FAULT, WHO CAN WE BLAME”… Get over yourself, if you don’t like the justice system in America maybe you’d like it better in China, Malaysia or Saudi Arabia? American Justice is the most liberal, to a point of embarrassment, please don’t clutter the forum with ridiculous diatribes.

      2. security4unme says:

        FreedomHasSomeRules, who’s to blame? There is always some poor little country to bomb the heck out of it!

      3. Wonder Woman says:

        Sorry, it’s not the New America, it’s the New AMERIKA.

        Velcome to za Homeland

      4. ByteRider says:

        Hey, don’t being dis’ing deep fried icecream!

      5. BigDaddy777 says:

        Hey, FreedomHasSomeRules, grow a pair. America is no longer, “Home of the Free, because of the brave,” but rather, “Home of the freedomless, because of the cowards.” Guess we can put you in that category.

    3. FrancisChalk says:

      What type of idiot gets in a security line at the airport without a ticket or a boarding pass? If they are not up to something illegal or dangerous they should be arrested for being too stupid to be among the general population. If that type behavior does not set off alarm bells in you, then you may also have similar mental capacity and also be unfit to function intelligently in the greater population

  6. Vern says:

    Let’s just make up the laws as we go. No need for a legislature.

    1. Sandra says:

      Everyone should ALWAYS have some form of ID on their person, at all times, when they are traveling. I’ve known this since I was 16 years old. Now I’m 61, still white, still female, and its still true. Get over it. It is not a crime to have no ID, but everyone with an adult mind knows you can be asked to produce it, and your life will be inconvenienced, at the least, if you do not have anything proving who you are or that you have legitimate business at your current location. Its not “making it up as we go,” it has been this way at least since 1966. Don’t be naive.

      And you can be arrested for videotaping people or security facilities without consent, if complainta are made. Arrested DOES NOT MEAN CONVICTED.

    2. lurkio says:

      This reply is for all you whiney learning difficulty freedom at any price freaks.
      Lets open the doors wider in our already open society, let in all the ones who want to burn our houses down with us inside.
      That includes the treacherous Bas####s taking our Foriegn Aid (Bribe money)
      Pakistan being number 1 of many.
      when you look like a person likely to be a terrorist, like it or not, some baseline has to be established to give guidance to the people protecting us.
      whilst we need people to protect our civil rights, unfortunatley some one always goes to far.
      some people need their heads looking at, I know yes I know how far we should be going, so stop telling me this to far you clown.
      get out of moms basement, get a Job, be a usefull member of American society or go Afghan-Pakistan and live like your under siege A##hole.

  7. derekcrane says:

    …and did their names sound like Mohammed Ackmed or John Beresford Tipton?

  8. Darrel says:

    Political correctness run amuck. Were they Arab? Muslims? Little old grandmothers? 3 foot tall munchkins?

    Tell us the story, or don’t waste your time and our time. THIS is reporting?????

    1. USA Is Awesome! says:

      Well, from the ‘lack’ of information, we can be confident it was not white men, if it was, the names and photos would be posted all over the news and net, must have been peaceful members of Islam, you know, the Muslim people that are burning and stomping on our flag in Pakistan, the ones we are giving 1.5 billion in cash and 1.5 billion in aid a year, 3 billion to a country and ideal that freely states “world domination” is their goal!
      Know your enemy, read the Koran as I did, then prepare for their future uprising!

      1. Babylonian says:

        I don’t believe you read the Koran, it is only published in Arabic

      2. James Fischer says:

        Babylonian, This is the Koran, published in English.

    2. Doustoi says:

      Darrel, you have hit on a major sore spot with me. In stories like this, it is critical that the reader have enough information (race, nationality, appearance) to know whether this is conceivably a terror plot or not. Journalists have become too careful by half in protecting sensibilities of the protected ‘victim’ groups. I have also had it with newspapers that will not identify suspects or criminals who are in this country illegally.

  9. Ben says:

    They must be terrorists as all that dont carry ID must be terrorists!

    1. IrishEyesAreSmiling says:

      In line to board a plane with NO I.D.???? Pull your head out of that dark hole – look out your window – and see what’s going on in the world. You sound like you’ve been on LSD TOO LONG!!!!!!!

    2. ByteRider says:

      Did it ever occur to you, Ben, that maybe these 3-4 just got back from the bar and were at the TSA for a “free pat down”– a $75 value in most red light districts?

  10. mcnertny says:

    they most certainly werent groped or probed if they were muslims

  11. Ray Chalres says:

    Maybe they were zooming in on the TSA groping people and making a porno.

  12. Richard Cranium says:

    Were they illegal Mexicans?

  13. Frank says:

    I just got back from England and at JFK a young English lass was screamed at by a TSA woman that photography is not allowed at a federal CHECKPOINT and demanded she delete a picture! The girl was in baggage claim and snapped a phone cam picture of her two friends hugging and smiling before they left for different connecting flights. Total wrong and sickening. This fear and tyranny must be stopped.

    1. Urk says:

      Those two friends could have exploded at any moment!

  14. Archy Cary says:

    Ditto the first seven comments.

  15. Mr. Firley says:

    And if they were Caucasians with Tim McVeigh-style hair cuts, then what?

    1. Sandy Lester says:

      Your comment might be relevant if the white guy was driving a 30 year old car away from a blown up Federal building. When white guys with short hair start blowing up planes and chopping peoples heads off get back to me then we will talk.

    2. security4unme says:

      You bet your sweet bippie that Obama will find a link between McVeigh and Osama.

    3. Fred says:

      then we would call them racists! duhhhhhh

  16. security4unme says:

    Police say they don’t know what the group was doing?
    They were evil masterminds! Should be shot on the spot

  17. E. Ness says:

    Of course no one noticed when Mr. Najibullah Zazi – an actual terrorist – worked at the Denver Airport driving a bus.

  18. rapid roy says:

    Our Right s as US citizens have been slowly dissolving since the 1970’s but since this pour excuse for a community organizer took office the dissolution of personal rights have been put in to overdrive. The Sad thing is the libs still don’t get it.

    1. IrishEyesAreBlue says:

      Hey you, under the bridge there, have another toke!

    2. david says:

      ahhhh….another addition to my Internet Users Can’t Spell Worth a KRAP” compilation.

      1. DRAKE says:

        This a puplic forum to speak your views not a spelling test .

  19. Jed says:

    While they were distracting everyone, what were their homies doing somewhere else?

  20. bob says:

    any one can use a miniature hat cam nowadays. can buy them anywhere. why would you think they (terrorists) would use a video camera? does anyone in tsa have any sense? anyone??…..hello?

    1. BigDaddy777 says:

      Exactly, Bob. PC run amuck. It make no sense, except to make the sheep feel it is making them safer. Remember after 911 how many said we need to rebuild the towers even higher to show the terrorists we aren’t afraid? What happened to that toughness? Now, the sheep are jumping through hoops and willingly submitting to a violation of their rights. I don’t fly anymore, because of TSA, but I’d fly in a heartbeat, without fear, if they got rid of TSA.

  21. IrishEyesAreSmiling says:


    1. Figgo says:

      There was once another white man who, in the name of “security,” seized power, took away people’s rights, and started a horrific war that killed millions.

      And that white man’s name was… Norman Fell.

      1. IrishEyesAreSmiling says:

        And there is an IDIOT in EVERY crowd! WHITE PEOPLE are the only people on the planet that don’t WHINE RACISM EVERYTIME THEY do something UNLAWFUL.

  22. rapid roy says:


  23. JJV says:

    These people were of middle eastern decent. Had they been European the fact they were NOT of middle eastern decent would have been made very obvious by the terrorist supporting (and fearing) liberal press.

  24. jerry Attrick says:

    The fact they omitted their age, race and other facts would probably indicate that they were of middle eastern origins. Otherwise, they would say four white males or Hispanic males or whatever. We need to profile people that look like the people we are at war with – duh!

    1. IrishEyesAreSmiling says:

      RIGHT ON!!!!

  25. gpc says:

    A quick web search revealed that they were NOT arrested, just questioned and released. AND, no mention, anywhere of the nationality of the “suspects”.

  26. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Welcome to ØmeriKa.


  27. DavidL says:

    These people were middle-eastern. If they weren’t, then the newspaper would have said so.

    1. poolekat says:

      so true.

  28. Barrys Photoshop Lies says:

    The USA baffles me. They leave the floodgates wide open for any nefarious illegal to get in and stay forever, but then don’t ever profile and waste billions on a joke security theater and make everyone’s life miserable. I’m becoming more convinced people like Alex Jones right about where this is all heading. Coming soon to trains, buses, ball parks, grocery stores near you

    1. BigDaddy777 says:

      You bet it is coming. Today, UpChuck Schumer announced he wants a, “No ride list,” for AmTrack! It’s coming brother as long as people won’t stand up and be heard.

  29. Paul says:

    Enough already with complaining about TSA pat downs. Would you rather die when a muslim brings a weapon on to the plane ? Wake up people. Wake up.
    Dead Americans have no liberty. Wake up.

    1. Frank says:

      Oh no, scary mooslims. Al CIA da – they here, they’re there, they could be anywhere and nowhere. Just listen to the government okay, and they’ll keep you safe because, as we know, they always have our best interests at heart. Don’t be a sheep. It is you that needs to wake up!

    2. security4unme says:

      Paul, in 10 years the TSA did not save a single person, or prevent a single attack and they keep harassing EVERYBODY, like this family taking their farewell pictures at the airport. I pay more than double for air fare in “taxes” for being harassed by TSA.

    3. Yirmin Snipe says:

      If you want to make America safe again kill the muslims. Last time I checked no other religion was hell bent on suicide missions to blow up planes. The muslims have a monopoly to that one.

    4. Tate says:

      Paul, you’re a sheep, plain and simple. Are you truly that afraid of a terrorist attack? If so, how far are you willing to inconvenience yourself and others to feel safe? Are you also aware that the TSA has not caught the first terrorist? No, not one.

    5. BigDaddy777 says:

      Poor, poor Paul. Good thing you weren’t around at the founding. Ever hear of, “Live Free or Die.” “Give me liberty or give me death” I guess with wireless Internet the faint of heart can hide under their beds and still get on line.

  30. wddb says:

    Taking pictures is “Interfering with a transportation facility”?! When did this ridiculous paranoid law happen?

    Authoritarianism run amok.

  31. Middle America says:

    They need to waterboard the d-bags to find out what they were doing there. Sorry, but GWB had it right. It will take thousands of more American innocent death before people start to really understand that.

    1. John says:

      ……..So we should start waterboarding American citizens just in case they were doing something wrong?

      1. Jimmy says:

        Why not? President* Barry can now order Americans be executed. Only for our safety of course.

    2. LOL says:

      Can we waterboard you, just in case you are actually a terrorist trying to get America to torture each other?

      We need to find out.

      Or should we just jail you and ask questions later.

  32. johninlongmont says:

    since the MSM doesn’t dare report their names, I guess we can just assume one of them is named mohammed

  33. checkmoot says:

    It’s obviously not against any law. Videos of people going through security have been posted on U-Tube, on Interrnet Blogs and on T.V. news broadcasts.

  34. Chris says:

    TSA patdowns on American grandmas and 6 year olds do nothing to make us safer. IF the TSA really wanted to make us safer they would do behavioral profiling, and would high someone other than McDonalds rejects. They are too busy stealing passengers money and electronic devices and harassing the handicapped right now to be bothered with security. BTW It is not illegal to film at check points–the TSA website itself states that. This was security theater and intimidation tactics as usual.

  35. Eric Barbiz says:

    Where they muslims?

  36. dennis says:

    There is no such thing as the right to travel. There are laws pertaining to travel. Such as you need an ID to board a plane.

    1. IndieDeclare says:

      In a FREE and Open Republic governed not by Nazi’s but by a government under the authority of the Constitution and the several states of this Republic, it is a RIGHT of every citizen to freely travel anywhere in this Republic they so desire, on public grounds, and expect to receive those services they paid for (travel) without the Unconstitutional harassment of nazi pigs.

  37. micheal says:

    In the last 10 years the manufactured “terror” crisis has been used to transform the US into a nation of sheep, and for the state to constantly ramp up political power. It is not the “terrorists” who have won, it is the corruption of our own govenment as it seeks excuses for increasing control. Realliy, there really aren’t that many “terrorists” who are interested in harming us or competent enough to do much. The very term “terrorist” is a mind trick.

    So now in Denver the police arrest people because “they don’t know what they were doing”, not for probable cause. God in Heaven, what powerless fools we are becoming.

    1. IndieDeclare says:

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-

  38. R U Kidding Me! says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder! and, from the ‘lack’ of information, we can be confident it was not white men, if it was, the names and photos would be posted all over the news and net, must have been peaceful members of Islam, you know, the Muslim people that are burning and stomping on our flag in Pakistan, the ones we are giving 1.5 billion in cash and 1.5 billion in aid a year, 3 billion to a country and ideal that freely states “world domination” is their goal!
    Know your enemy, read the Koran as I did, I was SHOCKED! then prepare for their future uprising!

    1. Babylonian says:

      you didn’t read the koran, stop lying.. we know you can’t read arabic

  39. Sally says:

    Probably just making a child pron vid of adults fondling children. TSA encourages that behavior.

  40. TSA Watcher says:

    “TSA does not prohibit the public, passengers or press from photographing, videotaping or filming at security checkpoints, as long as the screening process is not interfered with or slowed down. We do ask you to not film or take pictures of the monitors. ”

    1. VoiceOfReason says:

      Gasp! You mean – these people were arrested unjustly? What a shocker.

      Wake up, people. The TSA will continue to trample on your rights as long as you allow it.

  41. tymwltl says:

    There is no right to privacy in a public place, however in a boarding line to a puliic means of transportation there is the responsibility of those who own the means and those who look out for the public to be as certain as possible that nothing is being taken on that means of public transportation that will harm anyone. Part of that policeing is suspicious activity of ANY sort. If you wear, or do anything not typical you SHOULD be questioned or searched. ALL bagadge that is loaded in the belly of the plane should be examined throughout its contents in a public place. If you don’t want to be safe when you fly then buy your own plane and let every devient on you want and I’ll take the plane that’s been seached, X-rayed and scaned.

    1. IndieDeclare says:

      Written like a good Nazi tool! Move to China and do us all a favor.

    2. Bob W says:

      You just described Nazi Germany.

  42. MAKE MY DAY says:

    America is running “scared”…. Chaos can be created very easily!!! Did OBAMA open Pandora’s Box???

  43. Bob W says:

    Let’s all be shaking in our boots over the terrorist bogemen. Personally, after seeing video of Building 7 implode into its footprint, I’m no longer worried about Middle Eastern or Muslim terrorists — nor are those who lost loved ones on 9-11 in Building 7. Many people posting here would have loved living in Nazi Germany, the USSR or East Germany.

  44. MAKE MY DAY says:

    *BINGO* – *BINGO* – *BINGO*!!!!

  45. Harpotoo says:

    Of we can’t see OBL I’d at least like to see a picture of these 4 idiots!

    1. IndieDeclare says:

      You’re the idiot you brainwashed fascist tool.

  46. Rodney King Videotographer says:

    The government does not like citizens videoing governmnet employees, doing government work in public places.

    Look at the consequences cops have suffered with arrests and convictions of union cops.

  47. sam kindle says:

    I see nothing wrong with only allowing people who are boarding the train to be on line at a security check point. There is more to this story than is being told, probably to be politically correct they don’t want to say.

  48. Spirit of 1776 says:

    My forefathers came here on the Mayflower. Others were aristocratic French Huguenots that relinquished their titles and lands to live in freedom. Another branch fled the Bolshevik horrors of an invaded northern Europe.

    I will be G-d da**ed if I say nothing about this Soviet style police state formerly known as America. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. TSA, Odumbo, Jorge and all responsible for it should burn in he77 for all eternity.

  49. IndieDeclare says:

    Witness the meteoric rise of the 4th Reich here in the USA! You wondered how the German people could have ever let Hitler happen? You are letting him happen here all over again, except this regime will make Adolf look like a girl scout selling peppermint cookies when all is said and done. The vast majority of you are propagandized to the point of being completely brainwashed, having been duped into surrendering your Constitution in exchange for “safety”.

    The TSSA films us, and in a FREE REPUBLIC we have the right to film any damn thing in the public domain we want, and have the legal right to film the nazi’s filming us. Do you cowards not see what is happening? TURN OFF your Mainstream Media NEWS, get your heads out of our nazi government’s arse, and use critical thinking, and see that they are using “False Flag” (NON) Events to enslave you!!! (Read Operation Northwoods, read about the Gulf of Tonkin, read about the reason two commanding officers of our armed forces were courtmartialed after Pearl Harbor, EXPLAIN WORLD TRADE BLDG #7!!! Your Nazi/Satanic government blew up the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Bldg 7!!! All of this is a LIE! And they are using these events that THEY are orchestrating to bring this nation under militarized/police control, a complete totalitarian State, and you will be a slave – unless you fight, and fight now.

    Unless we move according to the Declaration of Independence and remove this nazi government and replace it with a Constitutional form of governance, you WILL witness people being interned in American concentration camps, and you will see your neighbors disappearing in the middle of the night, without warrants, without a trial, never to be seen or heard from again. It is already happening people.

    NONE OF THIS IS REAL. It is all fabricated to create mass hysteria so they can bring in totalitarian/police control over every aspect in our lives.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-

  50. Learning, daily says:

    Wait. How can a government own property and call it private. Please, before you attempt to create/quell an argument, remember that ppl don’t know how dumb one is until one’s mouth opens.
    If you or I are that dumb one, we must understand that giving up freedom to an institution that does not exist is like a dog’s tail in it’s mouth.
    The dog owns the tail. By limiting the movement of that tail, the dog is not allowed to move forward. However, “freedom of the wag “, and understanding who owns that tail, allows the dog to move forward.
    Public funded airports belong to the people. It is not private property.

  51. PlusSizeModel says:

    It’s just incredible that no one writing or editing this story saw fit to describe the suspects further than gender. The most pertinent fact of the story is missing thanks to political correctness. Again, just incredible.

    1. Bob W says:

      After taking billions in TARP money — along with the banks who took most of it — don’t expect the mainstream media to reveal much of value in their reporting. As for investigative journalism, don’t expect much of that either. For example, the media has reported the bin Laden alleged assassination using whatever “facts” the government has seen fit to provide. Thus far there is nothing that would qualify as actual evidence. Any attorney worth his or her salt will tell you it’s been all hearsay and even the hearsay doesn’t add up.

  52. IndieDeclare says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-

  53. Sam Kindle says:

    Everyone here comparing the USA counter-terror to Soviet/China and even Hitler!
    Americans better wise up, thanks to Islam we have 2 billion people that think Osama was a good muslim. Wake up Americans, preserve your freedoms cooperating with our security efforts to prevent terrorist activity.

    1. IndieDeclare says:

      Don’t mind Sam people, he’s getting paid by Soros, the southern poverty law center, the CIA and the DOHS. just a tool of the 4th Reich.

  54. jmac5280 says:

    The real crime is the Trained Sexual Assuals that are being commited daily at our airports

  55. Joey Schmoey says:

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

    [Benjamin Franklin]

  56. XPIOLT says:

    This is what happens when you let the real terrorist control you with fear. I never leave home without my video camera and pocket Constitution anymore. I remember when the only ones that were required to have their papers in order were in Nazi Germany and Communist countries. We now live in a Police State. I sure do miss my basic freedoms that the real terrorists hate and are passing Bills to take.

  57. Jmac5280 says:

    TSA is violating liberty not preserving it Sam Kindle you are the one that needs to wake up. The fist thing a dictator tries to do is to limit the mobility of his serfs.

  58. Dennis says:

    Humm… no description of the people?
    Looks like US is taking pages from the European playbook on these incidents.

    During the worst of the Muslims induced rape waves in Scandinavia, the press never mentioned the rapists were Muslim.

    do a google search using these words “Scandanavia rape wave Muslim”

    1. sillysheep says:

      Dennis, the “description of the people” does not matter one bit. Have you ever been at an airport? Have you seen anyone with a cell phone there? Do you know all cellphones have cameras built-in? Have you seen people at airports taking photos of their departing family and friends there? It happens all the time.

      And besides that, since obama killed osama your nightmares should be over by now.

  59. AbuTalib says:

    Isn’t it interesting that NO NEWS AGENCY or ANYONE ELSE has taken any video of checks and what TSA is doing to fondle, search, strip, xray or otherwise check Mulim men AND women at US Airports?? Are they being given special treatment in deference to Obama’s order to not offend Islamists??

  60. jmac5280 says:

    You are a liar babylonian

  61. Bob W says:

    We have heavy-handed security everywhere except where it would really make a difference: on the southern border. I wonder why that is. Why are we still fighting overseas while leaving that border open? Why are honest, law-abiding Americans being groped at airports while the southern border is left open to terrorists? The government has never answered that question satisfactorily.

  62. MacDaddyWatch says:

    Welcome to America, where everyone is now treated equally—as criminal suspects. You are presumed guilty until you can prove your that you are innocent.

    Achtung, achtung…get used to it, Big Brother is watching.

    1. August Dunning says:

      form or join a jeffersonian sleepercell in your county, the jeffersonian movement is getting ready to propect you from terrorists foreign and domestic, and especilally fat turds in blue shirt with TSA on the shoulder.

      1. IndieDeclare says:

        when August? when will the tree of liberty be replenished with the blood of patriots and tyrants?

  63. VoiceOfReason says:

    What if the scary videographer was planning to use the strap to the camera as a weapon! Or maybe he was concealing a biological weapon in the lens cap or something like that. Yikes! Good thing TSA was right on it. Do they violate the civil rights of everyone with these terrifying cameras or just those that catch TSA groping children? The nerve of an individual to enter a public space without a ticket! Oh, wait. Isn’t that pretty common when you go to pick up a passenger arriving at the airport.

  64. August Dunning says:

    the TSA should be in Brown Shirts

  65. Kim says:

    They told us that the Airport Security people must be federalized. After 8 years and billions of dollars that was spent for bomb detectors, xray machines and all this security at airports. We take our shoes off, we get groped and our children get molested. How many terrorist have they found in the 8 years. zero nada.

    Don’t start me on camera’s the government has installed in every city in America.

  66. Darel says:

    The GOP must end the TSA

  67. A Real Man says:

    This is endemic of our country as a whole. I work and feed my family. I teach my family to be safe, I take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. This is lost on most of YOU in this country today. I don’t NEED the police or TSA or ICE or DHS to “protect” me.
    If anyone threatens me or mine, I take ACTION. I could get food stamps, I qualify for them, but then i would not be taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I could get subsidized housing, but instead, I live with in my meager means. I don’t “own” new things, I don’t spend more then I make, I have no loans. if I don’t pay cash I don’ t have.
    I was in the Marines, and I didn’t have anyone holding my hand thru boot camp.

    if you are “scared” the boogeyman will get you, STAY HOME bar you door and don’t come out. The rest of us have lives to lead

    if you think someone else will make you Safe, you don’t deserve to go out in public. the Government, in ANY form, is not your friend, it is a Money grubbing machine that only propagates itself.

    Those of you that go along and allow this type pf thing to happen are infringing MY Personal rights to freedom, and are my adversary.

  68. August Dunning says:

    well, lets look at the evidence of an al queda 911

    september 11 1776 – Franklin tells British adm. Howe, we will not rescind oru declaration of independence on Staten Island, 4 days later Howe attacks Gen Washington BY SURPRISE on manhattan island at the battle of Manhattan. a year later we take staten island from the british at the battle of fresh kills.

    september 11 1812 – British sink american ships and start the war of 1812, raid our coastlines, burn down the whitehouse

    september 11 1864 – british financed union troops burn atlanta to the ground – the capital of the american merchantile trade – their global competitor

    september 11 1912 – british rhodes scholar Edward House, meets with JP Morgan, Sam Chase and Goldman to plan the jekyll island secret meeting to put wilson in the whitehouse, and bring in graduated income tax, a right to work, a demand for cataloging all the living resources animal and human.

    september 11 2001 another SURPRISE ATTACK on trade buldings on top of the location of the battle of manhattan in 1776, and the dead are buried at fresh kills garbage dump on top of the location of teh battle of Freshkills in 1777

    now really people, copy and past this and spread it around. We are at war with a banking RICO orchestrated out of the central banks and the Bank of London, the majority share holder of the Federal REserve Bank of New York.

    now start focusing on the fact that 50,000 FEMA officers have been hired, the entire military is out of the country, and the fox is in the hen house…now is the time to act, we may never get a better chance to bring back our republic for our ancestors, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, WAshington…all those that died to protect our freedoms from the likes of TSA, the Banks and the Democracy turd we have as a ruler, not a government.

  69. Jolene Jackson says:

    STOP FLYING PEOPLE. The only way we’re going to rid outselves of TSA is to hit the airlines in their pocketbooks so they will put pressure on the government to defund TSA and return airport security to the airports.

    1. Bob W says:

      Well, it seems the trains are next. Then we’ll have random stops of automobiles, which is already happening at checkpoints in the Southwestern states. They’re going to install body scanners at the larger malls. I’ve also head of mobile scanners that will be used outside of sports stadiums. Getting a pat down when you leave your house and walk down the sidewalk might not be out of the question either — just give them a few more years. I agree with you about flying, as I try to avoid flying whenever possible. But I think there will come a day when we won’t be able to avoid pat downs — or at least a background-radiation scanner — unless we stay at home.

  70. terri says:

    It;s OK for the government employees to video citizen, but near criminal that citizens video the government employees.

  71. Jason Weishaupt says:

    I see no probable cause here.

  72. Kathy W says:

    I know someone that was arrested for taking pictures of the lines to go through sercurity. They let him go but he missed his flight. All he did was get through the sercurity lines turn around and take some shots of all the people waiting in line. It’s a no no.

  73. jsmith says:

    Folks, I just love these threads. Gotta love how the real enemy is exposing its
    elf. If anyone still has any lingering doubts about who/what is destroying the
    Constitution, these threads clear them up. But just to make sure I’m not misund
    erstood, here’s a timeless classic from Cicero:

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

    For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

    He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

    ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman, philosopher and orator (42 B.C)

  74. August says:

    I’ve NEVER given the government CONSENT to govern!

  75. Bob W says:

    In Communist East Germany, filming of government officials was not allowed either. So what’s the big deal? This is the way it works under totalitarian regimes. It’s for our own protection. The home schoolers, vets, born-again Christians and other “whackos” are all out to get us. Or didn’t you know that?

  76. tramky says:

    There was no grounds for arresting anyone. Everything at a security checkpoint is subject to public scrutiny, and photography and videotaping with audio are to be permitted. Any local rules or laws to the contrary are unconstitutional and must be ignored and repealed.

    The TSA is an entire agency dedicated to violating the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, and every person going through an airport security checkpoint has had their Constitutional rights violated.

    There was nothing in this story that suggested the people arrested were interfering with anything, but it is MOST clear that THEY were injterfered with by the local authorities.

    This is very much like the police is a large number of jurisdictions around the United States who will arrest you for videotaping them while they perform their official duties. The police have NO right to prevent ANYONE from photographing or videotaping with audio ANYTHING that they do. A camera does NOT interfere with their performed duties, and the people have the right–even the DUTY–to record the actions taken by police against them.

  77. John says:

    I’m sure they were simply a film crew taping the lastet porn craze… “Groping gone wild”.

  78. mia says:

    If it doesn’t look right, check it out.
    All of your blather is ridiculous.

  79. Bob W says:

    We’ve gone from “One nation under God” to “One nation under Satan”. No wonder they’ve wanted to remove God from everything including the Pledge of Allegiance and our coinage. I must say that it is interesting to watch our once-free nation being destroyed from within. It seems no opportunity is lost to crack down on what’s left of our freedoms. It’s all so outside the box and in your face that it’s hard to believe it’s happening here — but it is. I guess that’s why everybody just goes along with it. George Orwell didn’t make sense to me years ago, but now I understand how a citizenry’s collective mind can be twisted to believe the opposite of what’s true. That said, it’s treachery when government uses “psy-ops” on its own people instead of its enemies.

  80. speedy says:

    is there any doubt they were muslims!!!

  81. Herbster says:

    Muslims? Nah! TSA has its instructions…Carefully search all Swedes! They might be smuggling dangerous Swedish Meatballs. The guy with the dynamite? Let hin go…we can’t violate his civil rights. What to do? Very simple. Kill ‘er all and let God sort them out. We should have done to bin ladin what David did to GOliath. Cut off his head….put the head and the body in a bag with two dead pigs… “Package” to Iran and drop it from 10,000 feet on too the steps of their parliament building…..attach note saying, “You’re next!” By then, hopefully, we’ll have a real Commander in Chief, not just someone living in public housing!

  82. Ju Ju Eyeball says:

    The only people I fear are the Government and Police. So I guess they are the REAL terrorist…..

  83. fussellfan says:

    The moronic, bottom-out-of-sight robots working for TSA and their mindless enablers with the badges and guns are the REAL criminals here…anyone with even a shred of common sense knows that!

  84. what 4th? says:

    Did anyone notice the rape going on in the other line while such dangerous acts were being committed? Terrorist will just drive through the airport fence and park under the jumbo full of fuel ready to depart. Why try to breach clown security? TSA reactionaries will then require public transportation to the airport, no more cars/trucks within 12 miles of an airport. TSAGFY

  85. Joey North says:

    ok, i just want to make since of this and then see if i can compare this with another police state. It is now illegal to film the TSA? well members of the TSA, i have some advice for you, instead of arresting people for filming you, why dont you stop doing things that you would be ashamed of if they were caught on video. This i think is a better cource of action than imulating such security forces as the Gestapo or the KGB. just a suggestion…

    1. BlogGhost says:

      DIA is City owned and the City does in fact have an Ordinance No. 895
      which requires an application to make a film.

  86. Tom EE says:

    Is Obama and current administration trying to drive real Americans to a revolution??

  87. Paolo says:

    Why we refuse to call radical islamic muslim terrorists radical islamist muslim terrorists and why we refuse to identify them when they attempt to crash aircraft and kill people is beyond me. My guess is because B. Hussien is a sympathizer. Profiling is the answer, until islamic muslims prove they all are not all a threat by policing themselve and rooting out the terrorists and acting like good citizens of the countries they emmigrate too we must consider all islamic muslims radical islamic muslim terrorists. The logic is as simple understanding that in the eyes of radical islamic muslim terrorists, anyone not a radical islamic muslim terrorist is an enemy. If the shoe fits.

  88. Anton says:

    We should form a citizens police force and begin arresting these TSA agents when they’re caught abusing people.

  89. Acitizen says:

    Pathetic thread for the most part. Those “liberals”… Personal attacks… Painting everything with a broad brush….

    As they say, “an empty trash can always makes the most noise”!

  90. Ryan says:

    This has already been beaten to death in the comments, but I’ll ask it again: Was it four white people from New Hampshire? School kids on an outing? Four nuns?

    Or were they Muslim and of Middle Eastern descent?

    What, CBS, you don’t think that this is a pertinent part of the story???? Our ultra-liberal, neo-Marxist, left-wing’s media idea of “political correctness” is going to be the end of our nation… Last question for CBS Denver: Do you think you’re still going to be in business once you get your way and see us all under Sharia law? You guys are foolish…

  91. Jericho says:

    Flash filming mob or long line of fulmars needed to roll back this tyranny. Warning like Syria our tyrants will not be cowed easily. A price is always to be paid for freedom.

  92. Diamondback says:

    The only way to stop these gross violations of the Fourth Amendment (I don’t give a damn what it says in The Patriot Act or other legislation – if it’s contrary to the constitution, the legislation is illegitimate!), is for a MAJORITY of the American people to STOP FLYING!

    I did in 2004. Yes it’s an inconveinence but so is the loss of individual liberties for my grandchildren (not to mention they’re being sentenced to a life of indebted servitude due to the 14.3 TRILLION debt).

    Until the citizenry takes a significant stand you can expect more usurpations of your liberties.

  93. joshbot says:

    As a patriot who’s served I say Republican conservatives are just as guilty when it comes to standing by as the Constitution burns. Coke and Pepsi. Partisanship has blinded this country from remembering what makes it what it is. It’s about freedom and in terms of that we’ve lost the war.

  94. NoFreedom says:

    We have become a nation oif cowards. Our government is now at the final stages of totally controlling the American people. We are fools and we are stupid. The greatest people in the world are told by our government to be “afraid” of bombs at the mall, airport, trains and they will protect us by taking away our freedom of speech, privacy and even our property. I am ashamed of us because “We the People will give up (give to our government) everything that our ancestors have fought and died for! For God’s sake! We have our youth fighting, dying and being mutilated over seas for what??? To protect us from what??? Bin Laden, a former CIA freedom fighter that we trained, gave weapons and money to, to fight the Russans? Now Bin Laden is dead!!! You fools, he has been dead for years and the US government is using this joke to scare us into submission and control.

    Now if a person videotapes the TSA then they get arrested??? What the hell?? People should be going in groups to airports with their cellphones and videotaping EVERY person being searched in security. What is the government going to do? Arest every American and throw them in jail?

    I will never post again….I am ashamed of the cowards we’ve become. We have the Constitution to stand with us. Peacefully standing up and saying you can’t and won’t do this to us. If you think our government cares about us and would never lie to us then google “Operation Northwoods”. This was a false flag that the military did in the 60’s to have an excuse to invade Cuba. Thankfully Kennedy said “NO! You guys are insane!” Then later he was killed.

    Don’t play into this….stand together as Americans…our children deserve to be free rather than a future of chains.

  95. Desperate Amateurs says:

    I hear they want to put the body scanners in the local super markets.

  96. Placenta D'Amonte says:

    “Suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility”?. Wow, now that sounds even worse than interfering with a transportation facility.

  97. Joey says:

    If you want to capture the activity happening at the DIA security checkpoint, shouldn’t you be using a still-life painting rather than a video camera?

  98. RReality says:

    So much fear and self-hatred here. All the name-calling and heckling. Too many brainwashed people attacking their own neighbors. Perfect definition of a mob.

  99. Guest #3 says:

    Some of the comments here are scary. If you believe that the “government” owns stuff and has a right to tell you where you can and can’t go, you should surrender your citizenship. Traveling is not a privilege it is your right. We have the right to travel freely, unless Obama gets re-elected…

  100. xpo172 says:

    Too bad these crack security geniuses couldn’t stop the violent rape that happened in Terminal A a few weeks ago.

  101. Sherman says:

    To TSA agents. Please grope my wife and 6 year old daughter – and every other person on my flight. And touch their vaginas/vulvas and make sure it is warm flesh
    Why? Because that is were the underwear bomber will place the bomb. The bomb will be a 1/4 inch thick layer of C4 and It will be in their panties against their vagina. It is your job to discern the difference between vagina and C$ and there is not way to do that without touching.
    So please keep my flight safe and touch the vaginas of anyone and everyone who boards my flight.

    1. mkked says:

      You seem to be into touching and groping. How about if you just stay home ? The rest of us are tired of being sheep, subserviant to whatever this corrupt government wants.

      To paraphrase Ben Franklin, : You deserve neither security nor liberty

  102. Eric Jaffa says:

    DTJ –

    If a private company wants my business as a passenger on their plane, the federal government has no right to stop me from boarding.

  103. Gary says:

    To DTJ and anyone else who says there is no “right” to air travel. I refer you to Federal law which establishes a right to air travel under:

    See 49 U.S.C. § 40103 : US Code – Section 40103: Sovereignty and use of airspace, section (a)(2): “A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit through the navigable airspace.”

    US Courts have held that a citizen has the right to freely travel between the the 50 states and Internationally. The vehicle or means to travel is left up to the person traveling.

  104. H Hamilton says:

    Were they A-rabs?

  105. joe snow says:

    One Nation under Sodomy

    New Pledge of Allegiance

    I pledge Allegiance to

    the flag of the United States

    of Sodomites to the degenerates

    for which it stands one Nation

    Under Sodomy with Liberty

    and Justice Only for Sodomites.

  106. Gary says:

    Is “suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility” a Federal crime? If so, why are local police involved? Aren’t local police forbidden from enforcing federal law?

  107. Dr. RRS says:

    Until we join together in action, instead of reaction, we will be dished more and more. No one have the guts to say NO! anymore, rather just complain and complain?

  108. Frank says:

    Lets… see Colorado law. All persons have the right to photograph, video tape and record in PUBLIC ACCESS area. I need some money from the TSA. I just might grab my Video Camera and Head up there.

  109. Buck Keely says:

    The purpose of terrorism is to terrorise, sounds like it is working… We are living in fear of an unseen enemy.. until we live our lives ready to kill or be killed we will live in the shadow of terror. Let us live and let us die free in our pursuit of life and liberty.
    Heirloom Seed, “How God plants His garden.”

  110. Spike says:

    This is probably just another protest over our lost freedoms of travel and privacy.
    Just basic civil disobedience; refuse to show the TSA your papers, get arrested, hopefully get it all on film. A number of brave patriots have tried this recently.

    As to all you Drudge minions who are screeching and hollering about this, i remind you – the Real Id Act, Patriot Act, TSA, Department of Homeland Security, suspension of Habeus Corpus, all came about when Republican controlled all three branches of government.

    You guys love to pretend you are a bunch of freedom loving rebels, but in reality YOU ARE THE EVIL EMPIRE.
    Fight the power.

  111. Black Eagle says:

    All this, so that we can feel “Politically Correct” in NOT doing the ONE THING that will protect the airliners — PROFILING MUSLIMS!!! Or better yet, EXPELLING AND DEPORTING all the Islamic hot-heads and infidel-haters who daily express their hatred of America and Americans. But no, we are importing tens of thousands of new Islamic terror hater-hotheads under the “UN Resettlement Program”, championed by President Hussein, our “First Muslim President, who had already stated that, in a pinch, he will “stand with the Muslims” — today grabbing credit for the death of OBL, but having AttGen Holder PROSECUTE the CIA agents who did the water-boarding that got the intelligence info which allowed us to find him! MADNESS!

  112. jb80538 says:

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The ones in line had neither an ID or boarding pass. Both of which are needed to go through security.

  113. togwoo says:

    Stupid cops, they taking this terrorist nonsense WAY too seriously. It is clear that the US has become a POlice State in every sense of the word.

  114. cecil says:

    They were arrested on suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility….1984

  115. JIM says:








  116. mark says:

    Tyranny! The kettle is on the burner, the flames are rising higher, but you are comfy in your warm bath. By the time you realize that you are boiling your muscles will no longer work well enough for you to jump out.

  117. James says:

    Liberalism is an incurable mental disease. An BTW JakeR8, when are you gonna be 9? That’s 4th grade right?

  118. Don't tread on me says:

    The answer to 1984 is 1776. It’s time for States to nullify the imperial edicts of the Federal Government, and if that doesn’t work, secession. If you want to have your children’s genitals fondled by federal thugs, go for it. You’ll have to kill me before anyone is going to molest one of my little ones.

    1. shotgunsusie says:

      thats why we need to vote RON PAUL 2012!! RETURN OUR REPUBLIC AND THE CONSTITUTION!!!

  119. Popo in Chief says:

    I think Obama’s behavior should be profiled before he signs, or champions, any legislation.

  120. Yukiko says:

    Lets get this straight. The TSA isn’t profiling grandmas, children or buxom women. They are simply checking these people instead of the terrorist looking Muslims. They would much prefer the have the terrorists set their bombs off far from the facility where they work. A bomb blowing up far above and far away from them suits them much better than if it were to explode in their laps.

  121. RPBeachBum says:



    1. laurentien says:

      Because, it is no longer a Republic where the selected elite really solve the problems of the people by listening to them.
      Fear is the best way to keep your grip on people and to control them.
      With the very effective media, this becomes the new opium.

  122. shotgunsusie says:

    We have allowed this because we allowed our elected officials to continue that rights stealing Patriot Act which was designed to take rights away from us, not protect us.

  123. Bob Hope says:

    Chill out folks. They were just Japanese tourists. Obama’s got you people soiling your panties

  124. Foundit says:

    These guys were protesting the TSA scanners. I know them. They are patriots.

  125. Billy Bob says:

    What’s the point anymore of arguing about the state of the country. We’re so far gone now that there’s no hope of return to rational sensibilities. There are just too many anarchists and bums. A country cannot survive without a general framework of morality. The “circuses and bread” crowd has taken over.

  126. Truth7 says:

    Video taping in a public airport is not a crime

  127. Jeff says:

    It doesn’t sound like they were disturbing anyone. The TSA brownshirts were the only ones causing a disturbance

  128. maf says:

    when was the last time you went to the airport and stood in a security line where people got to board flights, with no plane tickets? Id arrest you for being a moron, looking to get a hard on,thinking your clever. Get a life….

  129. maf says:

    we live in the free-est nation on the planet. So go somewhere else then…. we dont need you! Go enjoy Venezuela and snuggle with Hugo.

    1. CommonCents says:

      The best slaves are the ones who ‘believe’ they are free.

      “…may your chains rest lightly upon you…”

  130. Darin Warren says:

    All forms of government are evil be their very nature. No man, or group of men should EVER have authority over another man or group of men. Period. The TSA is an evil organization run and populated by evil people.

  131. Anthony says:

    How is videotaping a public operation “interfering”? What if they were drawing a picture or writing a poem? We need to get over this fear of photography ASAP and focus on the stuff that’s actually important.

  132. boregard says:

    the goon squad of Janet Napolitano dong what they do…nazi democrats…”YOU WILL DO WHAT WE TELL YOU TO DO..EVEN IF IT MEANS GROPING YOUR CHILDREN…

  133. No_Sheep says:

    Rise against the oppression!

  134. Brace_For_Impact says:

    This article has been so “PC scrubbed” it is ludicrous.
    Journalism is dead.

  135. CommonCents says:

    The manner in which the article is presented should tell you one thing:

    Journalists and the MSM are -not- on your side; they are now merely propagandists working on behalf of the demonic federal government.

    This ‘coverage’ is intended to intimidate people and suppress dissenters.

    Do NOT expect the media or journalists to follow-up on incidents such as this one, it won’t happen except for cursory coverage for public ‘perception’.

  136. DENNIS says:


  137. Steven Eaton says:

    I think it was appropriate that they were detained & questioned. What the heck were they videotaping? Suspicious behavior warrants assertive action buy security forces. Take their names, run their backgrounds, then release them with a warning & keep an eye on them. They could have been scouts looking for what the reaction would be.

  138. Stan Kinder says:

    The federal government is out of control with a lust for power.

  139. tellittothejudge says:

    They were arrested on suspicion of interfering. Can we say erosion of our liberties. Today in our country we are all suspects. It is only the illegals who are safe from questioning, arrest or detention.

  140. laurentien says:

    So, now, there is law against filming security in airports.
    Just to make sure that their abuses will not fall in public hands.
    How low can you go ! There exists human rights.
    USA has become a country of control freaks.
    Maybe, americans do not diserve the statue of liberty anymore.
    Freedom can be messy, true….
    But I would rather die on my feet than “live” on my knees under “protection”.

  141. Robert says:

    Facism is running rampant, and its not a Democrat vs Republican problem, its both parties. Your freedoms and rights are being torn away everyday, and public education has dumbed down citizens so they don’t even know what their rights are anymore. The US is now a Nazi facist federal state with less respected freedoms than ever before. This is created use fear mongering.

  142. Templar X says:

    Wake the h@ll up, sheeple; the Democrats and Republicans are a two party monopoly owned by the corporations, including, and, especially, the banks! America has been taken over by corporate fascists (those running and owning the corporations) and their minions, the politicians (like Chuck Shumer) and the police (TSA, Homeland Security, etc.)!!!

  143. FN CEE says:

    Great stuff … every inspection area oughta be video taped 24/7/365 … we get exactly what we tolerate …

  144. wiseoldlady says:

    How exactly is standing in line while holding a video camera “interfering” with anyone? We all know that those arrested were filming the TSA in action with the intention of posting the good parts online. By arresting them, the TSA admitted that they do things they do not want the world to see.

  145. ray says:

    if it came to court and I was in the Jury….Not Guilty

  146. java says:

    they were askenazy jews

  147. Rosco1776 says:

    It’s so good to see all the replys against the tyranny of our government. There is a video of the TSA looking into the diaper of an infant on Youtube, sickening!!

  148. rowley says:

    They can videotape us without our permission.

  149. Olaf says:

    Hey all you brainiacs who think we should profile just remember that before 9/11 the most deadly terrorist attack on US soil was the OKC bombing. And what do you think a muslim looks like? They are not all Arabs or Iranian, you have Chechnyans (sp?), Indonesians, Africans, Filipinos, oh and white guys like the American Taliban (nice whit kid from CA), the British shoe bomber (half white, half Jamaican). And plus lets not forget that there are white anti-govt lunatics that are still out there. I fly every week and yes when I get on a plane I scan everyone.

    And no I’m not a liberal ACLU guy. I vote Republican and did two tours in Iraq.

  150. Penelope says:

    Did anyone notice that there was a picture from the Boulder Boulder 2011. The three guys were dressed up, one looking like a banana.

    There is major humor in that picture placement!!!

  151. russian competition law says:

    I don’t even understand how I stopped up right here, but I believed this submit used to be great. I do not recognise who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger in the event you are not already. Cheers!

  152. ford wilmington says:

    Undeniably imagine that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be at the web the easiest thing to take into account of. I say to you, I certainly get irked at the same time as other folks think about concerns that they plainly don’t recognize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as smartly as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , other folks can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thank you

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