GREELEY, Colo. (AP) – The Colorado construction worker who flew last year to Pakistan on a one-man mission to hunt down Osama bin Laden says he played a part in bin Laden’s death.

Gary Faulkner said Wednesday he’d like one-quarter of the $25 million reward that was offered for hunting down bin Laden. He said he’d use it for his nonprofit foundation.

Faulkner was found last year in the woods of northern Pakistan armed with a pistol, sword and night-vision goggles. The Greeley, Colo., man says he believes he had a hand in forcing bin Laden out of the mountains where he supposedly was hiding.

Bin Laden was killed at a compound in northwestern Pakistan early Monday. U.S. officials say he had been living there for up to six years.

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  1. Felix I. Kingsley says:

    American Government should give me just 10% of that money to help me take care of the poor in Africa who do not have any body to help them and thereby end up in crime and many other evil things that may disturb the peace of America.

  2. Ray J Wil De says:

    Hopefully goes where it goes to some of those that really need HELP, like ME!

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