GREELEY, Colo. (AP) – Weld County will pay nearly $300,000 to settle a lawsuit by over a raid on a tax business that authorities said was aimed at stopping identity theft by illegal immigrants.

The commissioners said Monday they will pay the American Civil Liberties Union $295,000 for attorneys’ fees in the 2009 lawsuit against Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck and Sheriff John Cooke. Officials unsuccessfully appealed court decisions upholding the ACLU’s argument that seizure of more than 5,000 confidential tax documents without having the names of specific suspects violated people’s privacy.

The investigation began after a Texas man told Greeley authorities that someone there was using his identity. Authorities say about 1,300 of the files seized contained evidence of identity theft.

Most of the 142 cases filed were dismissed.

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  1. Craig Buckley says:

    This pattern of behavior seems to be the norm for Ken Buck. My former employers, Dream Stone, Inc. filed a fraudulent lien on my home. I am now being prosecuted for harassment by Mr. Buck for strongly demanding that the employers release the fraudulently obtained lien. Despite irrefutable evidence of fraud by the employers, obtained form Ellen Golombek, Director of the Colorado Division of Labor, and the employer’s own sworn testimony before the Court proving they had fraudulently obtained a lien on my home, Mr. Buck has refused to prosecute. I had begged Mr. Buck for almost a year for help: by mail, by email, and by phone. On March 31, 2011 my wife and I met personally with Mr. Buck, at which time he stated (of the fraudulent lien), “you just need to get over it, and move on with your life”. On April 7, 2011, I attempted to meet with Mr. Buck again, newly acquired evidence in hand, that Dream Stone, Inc. had committed class 3 felony theft by deception, criminal conspiracy, wire fraud, and mail fraud. Mr. Buck menacingly stated, “I don’t care, that’s not my problem”. I was then immediately forcibly escorted out of the building by 5 armed Weld County Sheriff’s Officers, and ordered never to attempt to contact Mr. Buck again. Mr. Buck has violated my Constitutionally guaranteed rights to equal protection under the law, and is currently aiding and abetting multiple felony acts committed by my former employers.

    I am still facing criminal charges for demanding that the fraudulent lien be released from my home, and Mr. Buck has proven that his stance is that the former employers will be allowed to commit any felony act they so choose, and may seek the protection of law enforcement when they decide they don’t like the way their victim reacts.

    Mr. Buck is a pompous, arrogant sociopath: wrong for Weld County, and definitely WRONG for the People of the State of Colorado. My family and I are merely going to lose our home, in large part, due to this corrupt individual. In my case, matters could be worse. I could be gay, or I could have been a rape victim. Neither scenario is without extreme bias and prejudice in Mr. Buck’s demented little world. Mr. Buck is going to pay a lot more than $300,000.00 for his latest Constitutional Rights violation.

  2. Craig Buckley says:

    Ken Buck – Accessory to multiple felonies.

    Evidence of multiple felonies by my former employers. We are in foreclosure as a direct result of former employer Dream Stone, Inc. Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida (Eve) Murphy’s felonious acts. Buckley sued Dream Stone in Weld Distruiict Court for accrued wages. Employers swore simultaneously to both the Colorado Division of Labor, and the Weld County District Court that neither had jurisdiction over Buckley’s accrued wage claim, because the matter was before the other. Weld District Court case 09CV991 dismissed with prejudice, and employers immediately filed fraudulent lien on Buckley’s home.

    Weld County Chief Judge James F. Hartmann called Buckley’s allegations, “serious”, and “unfounded”.

    Evidence obtained from CDLE Director Ellen Golombek, via FedEx on March 30, 2011, and from the Court prove fraud, perjury, conspiracy, offering a false instrument for recording by employers and their criminally complicit attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin, of Donelson, Ciancio, and Goodwin, P.C.

    Hartmann presented with clear, convincing, and irrefutable evidence of fraud on March, 31, 2011. Hartman provably botched case, and upon receipt of evidence, accused Buckley of “harassment”, and has since used the Weld County Sheriff’s Dept. to stalk, harass, terrorize, and inflict emotional suffering on Buckley and his family.

    In an overt act of outrageous government conduct, on April 7, 2011
    Weld County DA Ken Buck in a face to face meeting with Buckley, in the presence of Longmont City Councilman, Brian Bagley, has stated (of the fraudulent lien on Buckley’s home and imminent foreclosure), “I don’t care. That’s not my problem.”

    Please view the relevant evidence at:

    Massive 42 U.S.C. 1983 lawsuit planned for Buck, Weld County Sheriff, James Hartmann, and Frederick, CO PD

    Stay Tuned!

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