WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Say goodbye to the old Westminster Mall. The struggling 34-year-old shopping center is now slated to be reborn as an urban downtown.

The Westminster Mall is located along US 36, the Boulder Turnpike, at Sheridan. It was once one of the most popular shopping centers in metro Denver. It opened in 1977 with 30 stores. Managers say in its heyday it grew to about 175.

But these days it’s pretty much a ghost town. There were just 18 stores open on Tuesday and there were very few shoppers.

“It’s just very sad,” a shopper told CBS4.

“In the past few years, you know, it’s been going downhill; stores closing,” another shopper said.

“It did the typical evolution of a suburban shopping center,” Westminster city manager Brent McFall said. “They really have about a 30-year lifespan.”
space City Has Big Plans For Dying Westminster Mall

Now the city will start over on the 108-acre site. A deal was cut to buy the property for $22 million. Westminster will tear down and “demall” the mall.

“Our plan really is for a mixed use urban center with a combination of retail and office and residential,” McFall said.

The idea is to create a suburban downtown Westminster doesn’t have. It was done at Lakewood’s Villa Italia to make way for Belmar. And Southglenn Mall became the Streets of Southglenn.

“I like it. I think it’s great. I like to shop outdoors at winter time; it’s Christmasy,” another shopper said. “I think it’s nice and it will be a great improvement.”

The hope is to select a developer and begin demolition this year, but shoppers will have to be patient. City officials say Phase 1 probably won’t open until 2015.

Comments (6)
  1. Darryl Bush says:

    Great News! If i mismanage my business into the ground can I get the city to take it off my hands for $22 Million dollars, too? The city DUMPED money into the pockets of this developer/criminal about 10 years ago to revitalize Westminster Mall all at a waste. The City of Aurora played the same game with the same owner at Buckingham Square. This owner is failing to the top and the taxpayers are footing the bill! FOUL!

    It is time to let the free market work. If a “city center” concept, which so far has provided less-than-stellar results in the rest of the Metro area, is such a great idea then the current owner should persue that idea. Otherwise he should turn over the title to the property to someone who thinks they can make it work. With the commercial AND residential markets severely overbuilt in the Denver market, how can this possilbly be a sound financial decision on anyone’s books?

    Government should govern development not do the actual work or finance it. That is the work of developers and bankers.

  2. Craig Germain says:

    Darrly Bush is right! The cities (and their gulllible taxpayers) are cash cows for developers, sports teams, Walmart and any other rainmaker who comes along with a ‘pay me now and you will reap the rewards later’ rainmaker. Bunch of damn fools. Who is coming up with this cash? Wherever it is coming from it should go to our schools.

  3. Landon Bain says:

    Great idea. 100 acres can be turned into so much

    1. Darryl Bush says:

      Yeah, like a nice farm field for growing local food. Take a look around at all the empty houses, apartments, warehouses, stores, and restaurants. Just across the street there is an empty Circuit City and an empty Comp USA Store that Westminster helped the developer build. On Church Ranch Rd, next to the Westminster 24 movie theater there are empty retail spaces that the city helped build. In the real downtown Denver there are acres of empty offices and stores and condos. Some new buildings downtown have never been occupied. We don’t need new empty buildings when the old ones are empty. Economics 101. I am so happy I do not live in Westminster and will write to the appropriate funding sources to contest urban renewal money being used on this site. It is the owner’s problem and they should figure out what to do with Westmeinster Mall and fund it themselves. Just because “public money” can be scratched together doesn’t mean we should bailout this owner with OUR money.

  4. BW says:

    Wow a lot of passion from Darryl over a city he’s”happy” not to live in tending to its own economic affairs. I say good for Westy deciding not to turn a sadly declining mall into a corn field. just sounds like economic sense to me especially considering the jobs it will bring to the area. Sounds like someone needs to turn his frown upside down.

  5. Jared says:

    The National Western Stock Show is looking for new digs. Maybe the city should flip thier investment and sell the mall to them. It would be a good location with great facilities. The Mongomery Ward space could be the rodeo arena. Penny’s could be turned into the cattle barn. Horse shows could take place in the Macy’s building. The smaller spaces could be used for the commercial exhibits. There is plenty of parking on site.

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