BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – The death of Osama bin Laden drew some people to the Sept. 11 memorial at Broomfield’s Community Park Monday morning.

Stone monuments stood beneath an overcast spring sky. Placed in Broomfield’s Community Park, they are a permanent reminder to never forget the victims and heroes of Sept. 11.

CBS4’s Andrea Lopez talked with one visitor who knows the families of two people who died when United Flight 93 went down.

“It’s been raw for almost 10 years,” he said.

Although nearly 10 years have passed, raw emotions surfaced for two visitors paying tribute. One knows two mothers who together lost two children on Flight 93

“I wrote a note to them last night on Facebook because I believe that you can talk to people who are gone,” Josh Miller said. “I wrote them a note and I said, ‘That guy who ordered you killed is gone. We’ve got him.'”

Flowers, a plaque and some peace within.

“For me, it feels like it’s finally over,” Miller said.

There were few visitors, but some evidence of their presence and respect.

“It’s a closure; it’s a time for us to, to see that we can move on,” visitor Justin Bell said.

Sometimes a single rose speaks volumes. It’s closure.