DENVER (AP) – A group of women marked Sexual Assault Awareness Month at the Colorado Capitol with an unusual message for lawmakers — marijuana could help.

About 20 female marijuana advocates wore purple T-shirts Tuesday and passed out fliers in favor of marijuana legalization to lawmakers. They argue that alcohol is more closely tied to rapes and sex assaults than marijuana, but laws and college policies inadvertently encourage alcohol use over pot use.

The advocates included a college senior from Colorado Springs who survived an alcohol-related sexual assault. The female pot activists are also planning a “high tea” for Mother’s Day to encourage women to talk to their moms about legalizing pot.


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Comments (2)
  1. Jim says:

    They have a valid point…… marijuana is not a panacea for all of our social ills, but it provides a far safer alternative to alcohol.

  2. Amber L Krystal says:

    awesome work, girls! keep it up!

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