DENVER (AP) – Metropolitan State College in Denver will be keeping its name for a while longer.

The college trustees last month endorsed changing the school’s name to Denver State University, but voted Thursday to wait until next year. College officials say University of Denver officials have objected to the proposed switch.

The University of Denver is concerned the similar sounding name would encroach on the private school’s established identity. Chancellor Robert Coombe wrote to lawmakers to urge them not to pass a bill authorizing Metro State’s name change.

Metro State trustees are withdrawing plans to pursue the name change this legislative session, but say they’re still interested in pursuing it.

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  1. Kevin says:

    The University of Denver’s arguement of people confusing its identity with a namechange of Denver State by Metro State College is lame at best. If anyone can’t tell the difference, start with the tuition costs and then work up.
    OH, people don’t seem to confuse Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. Need further examples: Ohio University and Ohio State; University of Arizona and Arizona State; Kansas State and KU (University of Kansas).
    I mean, really, aren’t we talking about higher education here. If you can’t tell the difference…well…there is always trade school.

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