DENVER (CBS4) – One wireless provider plans to step up the competition in Denver and surrounding communities this summer as AT&T will soon offer 4G speeds.

The company is investing $19 billion in its wireless network nationwide. Cell sites in Colorado will receive a major overhaul.

The company will upgrade about 400 cell sites in the Denver metro area this year so they’re capable of 4G speeds, and able to support more traffic. It will also install two dozen new cell sites to expand coverage, ss well as add antennas in high-traffic areas to prevent call drops.

AT&T is investing about $200 million in the Denver metro area alone.

“The 4G networks is something that’s good news for all our employers and good news for people who want to make their living developing applications within that environment,” said Tom Clark, Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation Executive Vice President. “This is a great day for metro Denver, it keeps us competitive around the country and around the world, and that’s what matters most in our business, is to keep creating jobs for people in Colorado.”

AT&T is in the process of merging with T-Mobile, although that merger hasn’t yet been approved. If it is the company will be able to provide 4G speeds to about 95 percent of the U.S., instead of the 80 percent it’s currently planning on reaching.


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