ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A 15-year-old student at Cherry Creek High School has battled a life threatening disease and is still playing her favorite sport.

Dani Urman started playing golf when she was 10. Her dream was to make the Cherry Creek High School golf team, but six months before trying out Urman found out she had bone cancer.

“The first thing I always think about is golf. Will I still be able to play? And they said ‘Not for a while,'” Urman said.

Urman had a full knee replacement and part of her thigh bone replaced. Then she started 8 months of chemotherapy.

“You get tired and really nauseous. All you want to do is lay in bed and sleep,” she said.

Through the ordeal Urman channeled the determination she has on the links into fighting the disease.

“There are so many good things in my life and you can’t just give them up,” she said. “You have to work to keep them.”

“If you were going to beat her on the golf course you would have to knock her down with a 2-by-4. She such heart and determination and I think that is part of the reason she got through this,” her golf team coach Terry Stearman said.

While undergoing chemotherapy Urman maintained a 4.75 GPA, but golf was never far from her mind.

“No matter what I always tried to go out to the golf course and try to watch or something. Its was really hard.”

Urman is now cancer free and turns 16 this month. She needs crutches to get around and she still gets tired, but her drive earned her a spot on the varsity golf team and another shot at life.

“It’s kind of amazing it’s all over. I can finally golf and go to school and be normal,” she said.

Urman says her next goal is to make the state tournament and take home the win.

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  1. Norma Briones says:

    Way to go Dani, we knew you could do it! We all prayed for you to get better and to give you strenght to fight back! Congratulations!

  2. Rabbi Rick Rheins says:

    Your courage and determination are an inspiration to me and to our entire congregation. We all love you and hope that you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Words cannot adequately express how very proud I am of you.
    Rabbi Rick Rheins

  3. Peanut says:


  4. Rich and Myrna Nelson says:

    We think you are totally awesome and are so proud of you. Good luck this season, we will be cheering for you ! Rich and Myrna Nelson / Brandt’s grandparents

  5. JammiePants says:

    I am incredibly lucky to be your friend. You are an inspiration to me and everyone around you because of your “heart and determination.” I am so proud of you, Danipoo, and incredibly happy to have you back at school where I can see your face every day.
    Much love always,

  6. Martha Simmons says:

    What an amazing young woman! We are so proud to be associated with Dani and her story of survival!
    Martha Simmons
    Dani’s Foundation

  7. Tia Alba & Tio David says:

    Dani Darling, you are an inspiration. Tio David and I pray for your full recovery every waking moment. You are a winner! You are a success! And you will come out ahead! May you still stay beautiful inside and out always!

  8. Irene Zimmer says:

    You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you and loves you . Your story will serve to show kids of all ages that they too can recover from cancer and achieve their dreams. Maybe when you have time you can give me a lesson. I sure could use one!

  9. Leisel Carter says:

    So proud of you Dani and we are very happy that things are going well for your full recovery. We think about you very often and wish you well.
    Lots of love to you and of course all the family from the English family.xxx

  10. Lori Romo says:

    We are so happy that you can put this behind you! We think you are awesome on and off the golf course!! You are a true inspiration!

  11. Carina Kugelmas says:

    We are so happy that you are doing so well and back on the golf course! Your strength adn determination is amazing!

  12. Jo Myers says:

    Like so many, Dani,
    I am in awe of you!

  13. Maria farrier says:

    Dani-I can honestly say you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met and your determination is unbelievable. I hope we are friends forever:)

  14. Anyaleen Bradley says:

    Dani you are truly amazing. I don’t know anyone as strong or brave as you, and all through this you have been a great friend!
    Lets hang out more. You are a real inspiration for everyone out there. Kick some butt on the golf course!!!! 🙂

  15. Karin Fischer says:

    You are truly an inspiration! We are so proud of you!

  16. Gail Rhae Levato says:

    You go girl!!!! Your amazing. I love the determination and drive you have. Thinking of you and already seeing you at the state finals. I will praying for you.

    Gail Levato

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