longmont1 Google Bypasses Colorado With Fiber Network Choice

An image of a parking in Longmont last year where officials spelled out 'Google' with cars. (credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS) – Despite the efforts of several communities, Google won’t be bringing its ultra-fast experimental fiber network to Colorado.

On Wednesday Google announced that Kansas City, Kan., will get the network next year. The tech giant commemorated the decision with the release of a YouTube video featuring soundbites from Google executives like co-founder Sergey Brin and Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette, along with prominent Kansas City citizens.

Among the 1,100 towns trying to get the service were:

– Longmont, which spelled out it “hearted” Google with cars and high school students.

– Highlands Ranch, which put together a video to show just how Internet savvy that community was and invited residents to send their own videos as well.

– Boulder, which produced a website called BoulderFiber.com to attract attention.

Lafayette, Erie, Aspen and Glenwood Springs were also among the Colorado cities who made a bid.

Watch the YouTube video below:

Read more about this story on CBS partner CNET’s website.

Comments (3)
  1. WOW says:

    Just shows on how out of touch with reality Google really is. Denver is far more savy than KC on linkage and advancement. This announcement made me laugh!

    1. chas says:

      I would hardly call Denver advanced in anything and certainly not in tech. It is a classic boom-bust region, so yes when tech and economy are up Denver can be attractive and a leader or at least not a follower in tech industry. However, look now at all the companies that have left, especially tech companies. We still dont even have a complete loop around the city, and yep, Kansas City, not my favorite place, has two loops. Remember when the state was supposed to have fiber optics laid in a square grid for coverage across the state? I do, never happened.

      1. John says:

        Apparently you haven’t seen statistics. Denver is one of the most advanced of major cities with telecommunications and connectivity. Readup!

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