FRANKTOWN, Colo. (CBS4)- Firefighters have been fighting a fire burning east of Franktown. All 8,500 people evacuated in the area have been allowed to return home and the fire is 100 percent contained. The fire is called the Burning Tree Fire.

blackened smoke Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Copter4 flew over the fire burning near Franktown Thursday. (credit: CBS)

More than 1,600 acres have burned. Smoke could be seen billowing from the area 35 miles away, including downtown Denver. The fire started burning Thursday afternoon.

Burning Tree Fire Photo Gallery

All evacuations have been lifted. Livestock is being allowed to return as well. Fire Department personnel are still on scene and continue mop up and monitoring hot spots.

fire 5 p1 Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Copter4 flew over the Burning Tree Fire near Franktown Thursday. (credit: CBS)

At one point, 8,500 people were ordered to evacuated the fire.

LINK: Douglas County Website.

Most of the volunteer firefighters with Franktown Fire fought the fire along with crews from Douglas County, South Metro Fire, Littleton, Castle Rock, Larkspur, Colorado Springs, Parker and Elizabeth. Crews from the U.S. Forest Service also helped fight the fire. About 100 firefighters battled the blaze.

Watch the video below of a water drop from that helicopter that saved a home, barn and a horse. space Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Viewers watched live coverage of the fire on CBS4 and were concerned that the horse was trapped and couldn’t get away from the flames.

copt4 franktown flames Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Copter4 flew over the fire burning east of Franktown Thursday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

The fire was burning in the Burning Tree neighborhood, near Franktown. In the area where the fire was burning, there were winds are blowing 20-25 mph, with gusts up to 30-35 mph.

The cause of the fire is not known. One helicopter is over the fire making water drops. No homes have been damaged.

water drop Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

A helicopter makes a water drop on the fire burning east of Franktown Thursday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

LINK: Wildfire Resources

smoke plumes1 Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Copter4 flew over the fire burning near Franktown Thursday. (credit: CBS)

It was the second major wildfire sparked along the Front Range in less than a week. The Indian Gulch Fire burning west of Golden started Sunday and is burning in steep, rugged hills. It is 77 percent contained and has burned 1,700 acres. Read full story.

smoke franktown fire Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Copter4 flew over the fire burning east of Franktown Thursday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

copt4 close flames franktow Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Copter4 flew over the fire burning near Franktown Thursday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

franktown smoke2 Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

Copter4 flew over the fire burning near Franktown Thursday afternoon. (credit:CBS)

cathy dodge franktown Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

YouReporter Cathy Dodge sent in this picture of the fire burning near Franktown. (credit:Cathy Dodge)

michelle tennant castlerock Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

YouReporter Michelle Tennant from Castlerock sent in this image of the fire. (credit: Michelle Tennant)

garcia photo Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

CBS4 Reporter Dominic Garcia took this picture of the smoke from the Burning Tree Fire near Franktown on Thursday. (credit: CBS)

Comments (43)
  1. Debbie Harris says:

    I live in Centennial (north of Franktown) by Smokey Hill and 470. It is very windy here and the smoke from Franktown is throughout the neighborhoods here. I just took my dog for a walk and the air quality is not good. My eyes sting and my throat hurts from breathing the air outside. People should close windows in their house and stay inside!

  2. Karen Muir says:

    We live in the Pinery neighborhood and just now received a reverse 9-1-1 message to evacuate.

  3. J. Sparks says:

    I live in NE Parker. A friend in the Piney saw the fire and it is just south of Bayou Gulch Road and East a bit of Ponderosa High School. She said they Pinery is being evacuated. She didn’t know if it was required or just recommended at this point. The smoke is so think and the wind is blowing so hard at our house looks like a dust storm in the desert.

  4. Beth says:

    We live in the Murphy Creek subdivision in Aurora and were driving home East on Jewel past Gun Club and could see thick white and gray smoke just South of us. Arriving home you could smell it a lot from where we live.

  5. Nathalie says:

    We live in the Cobblestone Ranch neighborhood which is just west of the fire and west of South Parker Rd. We can see the fire from our porch and it is increasing really fast.

  6. jb80538 says:

    Keep your cigarette butts in your cars people! maybe this isn’t the cause but….If you smoke in your car, use your ashtray. If you don’t have an ash tray in your car, don’t smoke in your car!

    1. geewhy says:

      Give me a break. Chances are about 10% that was the cause…….. maybe we should also say “People don’t throw your burning mattress out the window”???

      1. Bradly L. McGarr says:

        As someone who has worked with a fire department in a support capacity, I can’t tell you how many times trucks would roll for a roadside fire caused by burning cigarettes. Most people are smart enough to know not to throw burning mattresses out their windows, but far too many smokers aren’t smart enough to properly extinguish their cigarettes.

      2. Phillip says:

        You’re not very good with numbers, are you?

  7. Bradly L. McGarr says:

    I agree jb80538. Far too many people around here throw their burning cigarettes out the window. It really needs to stop, not only is it littering but this is how fires get started very often.

    1. geewhy says:

      I work with a VFD and 10 years ago, cigarrettes tossed was a small problem. Recently, it’s a very, very small problem. I maintain it’s a dumb comment, showing prejudice and jumping to a conclusion before having ANY facts. You are welcome to remind people after such a determination is made Bradley!

      1. PaulaCK says:

        I agree with you Bradly. I see idiot smokers toss their still lit cigs out of cars almost every day. Normally it just ticks me off because YES, IT”S LITTERING! For a supposedly environmentally conscious state, there sure are a bunch of litter bugs here. But with the high fire danger, now it’s just stupid and dangerous.

      2. Brett says:

        So as an employee of VFD are you officially stating that throwing cigarettes out of vehicle windows never causes wild fires and is perfectly fine? Perhaps you should not make comments out of official capacity like that, it’s how low suits are born.

      3. geewhy says:

        Haha, what a bunch of nannies! Throwing cigs out a car is stupid and dangerous, BUT what reason did anyone have to bring that into the discussion?? If you read a woman was admitted to the hopsital with head trauma, will you then post reminding people about the dangers of domestic violence – even before you know if she fell from a ladder or had a car accident? This is the same thing – it was a silly thing to bring into the discussion. Quit trying to be everyone’s mama

      4. NoRushToJudgment says:

        I’m with geewhy. Cigarettes today are FSC — Fire Safe — required and listed on the packages. They extinguish themselves almost instantly when not being smoked. Although I’m sure geewhy and I would rather people NOT throw them out of their window, it’s less of a problem than it has ever been. Until the source of the fire is determined, quit making assumptions.

      5. Brett says:

        if the comment had nothing to do with the article, then why post a reply which argues the validity of the facts within the post, why not just say the post had nothing to do w/ the article to begin with? something tells me that if one were to follow geewhy and NoRushToJudgment around, we might find a couple of new people to send to court and fine for littering, with how defensive they are getting about the above, short comment. They have yet to present any information saying that FSCs are 100% affective in preventing roadside fires. Nothing is 100% when you are dealing with grass fires. As a fire safety “expert” you should know that.

      6. geewhy says:

        What I ‘know’ Brett is that I’m sick and tired of people and governments trying to be nannies and I’m totally sick of everyone else thinking they are smarter and know better than everyone else. I’d state my point again – this was just a person wanting to vent about one of their little peeves – it did not pertain to the fire generally. Would you post about domestic violence as soon as you read that a woman was admitted to the hospital? Of course not, it would be absurd! I live my life in a way that I hope others may use as an example, but I try not to preach to anyone. No litter, smoke, gum, or spit coming from my car……geew

      7. Brett says:

        Strange that one who tries not to preach jumped on the chance to preach… 😉 It’s not against the site’s terms of service to post a comment related, but not directly, to an article, if you wished to post that, I’m sure people would be generally OK with it. Littering isn’t a little peeve, anyways. Picking up roadside litter costs the state lots of money every year. And that’s from a fiscally conservative standpoint, not just an environmental one.

  8. emkfly says:

    Really, jb80538????

  9. emkfly says:

    Re cig butts, dont use this fire for your own agenda againt smokers. That’s how it sounds. Let’s just wait .for confirmation on the start of this fire.

    1. Brett says:

      Who cares if he does, and why would you want to limit someone’s free speech? That’s just a ridiculous statement, ’emkfly’. There is no law or rule that says you can’t speak out against littering smokers and the potential harm they may cause to our country. Also, you just said, essentially, that all smokers throw their butts out the vehicle window. If this is the case, the easiest way to solve the butt epidemic on our roadsides IS to ban smoking… unless you wish to retract your statement. 😉

      1. geewhy says:

        Brett – Wow, what a liberal blanket statement trying to change someone’s words to fit their own viewpoint. emkfly said absolutely nothing to suggest that anyone throws butts out a window – only YOU said that.

      2. Brett says:

        By looking at the statement “don’t use this fire for your own agenda [against] smokers” and then looking at the previous comment “Really, jb80538????” and then reading jb80538’s comment:
        “Keep your cigarette butts in your cars people! maybe this isn’t the cause but….If
        you smoke in your car, use your ashtray. If you don’t have an ash tray in your
        car, don’t smoke in your car!”
        We can effectually infer that emkfly is stating that emkfly thinks jb80538 is saying all smokers are litterbugs, and since jb80538 never included all smokers in his/her statement, we can infer that that idea is implied in emkfly’s statement, not jb80538’s. Therefor, I was not putting a liberal slant on anything, just reading the comments how they are written. 🙂

        Also, geewhy, who ever said I was liberal? lol That alone is a HUGE assumption on your part with no facts to back up. I’m just an educated human being who thinks that if someone wants to post a comment on here, and it follows the site’s terms of service: let ’em! 🙂

      3. geewhy says:

        Brett, your non-logical interpretation of other’s ‘inferences’ in posts is almost laughable. I think you proved my case for me better than I could have done for myself. Done

      4. Brett says:

        Alas, if only my logic were illogical. Jb80538 was the one who posted about throwing butts out of the window. 🙂 you’re just reaching now. Though your behaviour is very stereotypical of a comment thread troll. 🙂 your counter points are full of personal attacks and low on evidence to support what you say. 🙂 I can appreciate you are done, it’s good to see someone who is willing to bow out gracefully.

      5. suz says:

        Please can we keep this blog related the fire emergency until it’s over. I’m looking for my animals and homes safety! Any info on current road closures? Is Flintwood the back way into Franktown?
        March 24, 2011 at 6:15 pm

      6. Mike says:

        I would think that if you live there you would know the roads. You also need to be aware of the fire dangers that are part of living in an area surrounded by prairie grass. Have an emergency plan and use common sense.

      7. kyle dutton says:

        You have no right to say ban smoking. We have rights too. Some of us smokers need to think with their heads. but to ban smoking is taking our rights away.

  10. Cathy Merola says:

    In regard to the fire by Franktown, does anyone know who or where we can post our name and number to offer up pasture and bedrooms for anyone displaced with horses and pets and needs a place to go? We’re in Elizabeth, east of county road 21 and have barn and pastures and extra bedrooms to offer anyone in need.

    1. elvisgal says:

      Cathy, your best bet would probably be to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 303-660-7500. I’m sure they’d like to know you have room available and are gracious enough to share!!

      1. Cathy says:

        Thanks for the info! We did leave our info with the Douglas County Fairgrounds volunteer coordinator. We’ll do the same with the Sheriff’s Office as well.

  11. Ceks Toi says:

    Stay safe everyone!

  12. jordan says:

    i lived in parker and now im in austin texas and my old house is right near the fire

  13. Sig says:

    Just curious, did anybody involved in the cigarette butt “debate” make it past the 8th grade?

    1. geewhy says:

      Wow, personal attacks? No substance? Great tactic, yu musd be smarte

      1. Suz says:

        Please can we keep this blog related the fire emergency until it’s over. I’m looking for my animals and homes safety! Any info on current road closures? Is Flintwood the back way into Franktown?

    2. geewhy says:

      About 6:00, Sherriff deputy doing traffic control told me the last statement he received was they expected most evacuations to be over by 8pm, unless the wind picked up/shifted. Good luck!

    3. Brett says:

      Why insult a great discussion? 🙂

      1. Mike says:

        Brett, I am guessing that with you, the part with brains ran down someones leg.

  14. Jan Herman says:

    My husband and I served on the Franktown Volunteer Fire Dept for 13 years in Cherry Valley and we also live on Hwy 83. We only had about 3 fires caused from cigarettes. Catalytic converters on older cars can also do the same thing. How many people in foreclosure think that a quick fix is arson? A lot of things can cause fires especially if new hay is stored too close to each other then we have internal combustion, it can also be caused from barn manure and straw from pens piled up. Think, don’t point. Join or support your volunteers and paid people, in these conditions take as much food to the local stations as well as bottled water don’t look to blame look to help. Volunteer at the Fairgrounds, there’s cats and dogs, horses and other livestock that could use some calming care at this point. THINK PEOPLE DON’T BE SO CRITICAL.

    1. Mike says:

      Finally, someone with common sense made an intelligent post. Thank you Jan, and best wishes for you and those around you.

  15. Really? says:

    Fires are pretty serious regardless of the cause. Those of you that want to cry and wine should go to some other forum. These posts should be for those of us that live out here. Fires can start everywhere and the idiot that made the comment about the fire plan should understand that not all plans go as planned. If you happen to be at work or out from your house what good is your plan then? Some people like myself, like to know what is happening or need to evauate our animals or important possesions. C’mon be sensible people.

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