Written by Dr. Dave Hnida CBS4 Medical Editor You might think chowing down on foods like ice cream, pizza, mac and cheese, or meatloaf, would not be the best way to keep your heart ticking strongly.

Then again, if you’re feeling down and lonely, these may be exactly what the heart doctor ordered.

A new study from the Association of Psychological Sciences shows “comfort foods” may be just the ticket to leaving a sense of loneliness behind. And since we know loneliness is bad for the heart, it makes sense that curing loneliness would release chemicals that are heart healthy.

Researchers say when people are feeling in alone in the dumps, they often turn to things like a favorite TV show, old photos, or checking out what some celebrity might be doing.

 But it turns out one of the best loneliness busters is something nostalgic– and that nostalgic need is best satisfied by old time favorite foods. And those are often foods that take you back to an easier and simpler time.

That’s why a flashback to some  of mom’s home cooking make be just the thing to break the funk. Think mashed potatoes, chicken soup, ice cream, and so forth.

Other studies show for men the foods that take them to a comfortable place include steak, casseroles, and pizza. (That’s in addition to the stuff like meatloaf and mashed potatoes.)

For women, comfort foods tend to be ice cream and chocolate.

For either gender under age 30, it’s snack foods such as chips or cookies.

Now obviously, it’s not heart healthy to be shovelling in these foods every day. And if youre lonely every day, that needs some attention, too.

But it’s good to know a little mac and cheese may be an easy, quick fix prescription  to a case of the “lonely heart.”

  1. Paul Chenault says:

    That’s why a flashback to some of mom’s home cooking make be just the thing to break the funk. Think mashed potatoes, chicken soup, ice cream, and so forth.

    Could not agree more.Home cooked meals like mom used to make back in the day, sitting with family enjoying real food is awesome. Homemade rolls,with real butter and homemade jam, Wholesome and tasty!!! I learned how ro cook and eat with good fixins as a kid and really enjoy cooking incredable meals.with ingredents from our farm and other local farms.. Thanks ‘Dave

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