BENNETT, Colo. (CBS4)- Investigators are trying to figure out who is stealing credit card information from victims along Interstate 70. At least 140 people in Adams and Arapahoe Counties have been ripped off in recent weeks.

Thieves use skimmers that fit into the palm of their hands. When the victim is out of sight, the thieves scan the credit card and get the information.

credit card theft Credit Card Skimmers Target Victims Along I 70

(credit: CBS)

Skimmers can also be added over card readers at gas pumps and ATMs.

Investigators can’t say exactly when or where the credit cards were compromised in this case, but the victims have some theories.

“It could have happened at the King Soopers in Bennett,” said skimming victim Nick.

“The King Soopers gas station was suspect because everyone goes there,” said skimming victim Karee Clausen.

brooks Credit Card Skimmers Target Victims Along I 70

King Soopers gas pump in Bennett. (credit: CBS)

King Soopers in Bennett is the only big grocery store in the area. The grocery chain said it’s confident the skimming didn’t happen there.

To open the pump where the credit card information is scanned, it takes two keys to unlock three locks.

“Certainly there is a concern. We understand there is something going on in the area. But nothing would indicate at this time that we are the source of any fraudulent activity,” said King Soopers spokeswoman Kelli McGannon.

The victims also said they had eaten at Corona’s Mexican restaurant in Strasburg.

coronas Credit Card Skimmers Target Victims Along I 70

Corona's Mexican Restaurant in Strasburg. (credit: CBS)

“I do eat a lot at the Corona’s Restaurant,” said skimming victim Nick. “We were out about $800.”

Restaurant management cannot confirm that is where the credit card information was stolen.

If you’re a victim of credit card fraud, call the company. Victims have 60 days to dispute the charge.

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Comments (2)
  1. 2xvictim says:

    as a victim to 2 separate accounts, we did not use both cards at both places so it couldn’t have been one or the other, King Soopers or Corona’s and I don’t believe it was a skimmer! Reporters need to check w/ local authorities and get their facts straight before reporting and victims need not speculate to the media causing grief for our local businesses!! Let the investigators do their work and tell us the facts!

  2. Chris says:

    I work in a bank and I think this is bigger than Adams and Arapahoe County. I suspect King Soopers or the system they use. Lucky that I work in a bank and the large amount out of Houston TX was not a valid charge. The same day I noticed, 2 more customers were in the office with the same issue and fradulant charges out of Houston TX. I noticed we all had a King Soopers or Shell station in common and suspected then it was this in common. Then I saw this story air. The fraud department didn’t comment any further on the King Soopers suspicion.

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