DENVER (CBS4) – After waiting years to tie the knot a Colorado couple is beginning their first full day as husband and wife.

Dominique Dean is a mother of three young boys and she’s battling Stage 4 breast cancer. She has never been able to afford a storybook wedding, but this weekend that changed.

The non-profit group Wish upon a Wedding organized Dean’s ceremony where she wedded Myles Stockwell, the father of her children. The ceremony took place at the Ritz Carlton and all of the services in the wedding were donated.

The Loveland couple says they are grateful for the help.

Wish upon a Wedding grants weddings and vow renewals to couples facing life-altering circumstances.

Link: Wish Upon A Wedding

Comments (6)
  1. Sheleane says:

    Awww My sister was a fairy tale princess. She was the happiest woman on the planet yesterday.. Thank you to everyone who worked together and made this happen.

  2. Jeff says:

    Myles and Dom you both are incredible people with hearts of gold, you guys deserved this special gift. Thanks go out to everyone who helped put it together for them. To everyone at Once upon a wedding you guys are woumderful people its great seeing someone willing to do what you did, thanks again. I love you Dom & Myles and once again congrats.

  3. anoynymous says:

    Although I’m glad this poor woman is getting her wish and marrying the father of her children, and am especially glad for her children, I can’t help but wonder why she/they waited so long to get married? Does it always have to be about a huge wedding, or can’t it just be about wanting to be married to the one you love?

  4. Jeff says:

    They didnt want just some little wedding, she wanted a big one. Untill the news of the cancer they were starting to plan it but cancer got in the way. So when her SISTER heard about this she was the one that got it all started dom and myles had nothing to do with it, they didnt even know about it till they were picked. Congrats guy your loved by all who know you.

  5. Angela Seitz says:

    Dominoque deserved having a dream wedding. Only God knows why things don’t happen at a certain moment in our lives. This was there chosen moment by God for them. Many Blessings for Dom and her beautiful family.

  6. anaonymous says:

    I believe God says in the Bible that a man and woman should be married before having children.

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