DENVER (AP) — A bill to help prevent youth brain injuries by requiring that more coaches receive training about concussions moved a step closer to approval in Colorado Friday when the House tentatively agreed to the bill over objections that the training requirement would burden small towns.

Senate Bill 40 requires youth athletic coaches to complete short online training in recognizing concussions. High school coaches already get training; the bill extends the requirement to middle-school and recreational coaches.

Some rural Republicans complained that the bill would unfairly burden rural areas that have a hard time finding enough volunteer coaches. But supporters insist the courses are a needed safety precaution.

The House will take a more formal final vote on the measure later.

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Comments (3)
  1. Debra Johnson says:

    As the mother of six, all athletes, and the wife of a former midget league coach, I suggest they switch the question around…
    What kind of burden will be placed on rural families when even one of their children die from concussion-related complications that could’ve been spotted by a trained coach?

  2. Nanny McFee says:

    The nanny state is good for me!

    1. James says:

      “Nanny State”, are you crazy??!! Live and let live, quit medaling in others business!

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