SHERIDAN, Colo. (CBS4) – More than two dozen people protested the selling of pipes outside of a Phillips 66 gas station in Sheridan around noon on Saturday.

The station is located on Federal Boulevard at Radcliffe Avenue.

The protesters felt that the station is exposing nearby children to drug paraphernalia. The gas station sells tobacco pipes and says it cards people buying the pipes to make sure they are over the age of 18. But concerned citizens and parents say the pipes are used for illegal drugs as well and the station is close to two schools.

Children stop in all the time to buy snacks and drinks. They held the protest because they feel the children are being exposed to bad influences.

“A major corporation like Phillips 66, if they sell that stuff, well kids are going to think that they can’t be that bad,” protest organizer Steve Merchant said.
space Parents Want Pipes Pulled From Store Near 2 Schools

About 45 minutes after the protest started, someone from the station came outside and agreed to not sell the pipes if they people would stop protesting. The protesters left.

The station did not want to comment on camera, but did say that other stations sell the pipes things and didn’t understand why they were being targeted.

Comments (5)
  1. DenverVet says:

    Good for these parents, glad they stood up for what they believe and protested! This story made me happy…………organize parents in other areas to do the same!

  2. D. Montoya says:

    That’s nothing in Denver 7-11 sells crack pipes. They market them as metal straws but everybody, including 7-11 knows that they are crack pipes. Oh and they only sell them in the poor neighborhoods. I’ve never seen one in an “upscale” neighborhood.

  3. don-e says:

    Next target should be QuikStop on Federal & Ellsworth. They not only sell crack pipes but they have a card with little pieces of chore boy copper scrubbers stapled to it for a buck!

  4. MamaB says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if other people copied this in their own neighborhoods and got those big corporations to have some accountability for where their profits are coming from?
    By the way, the group of protestors included some of those Lazy, Overpaid, Underworked teachers we keep hearing about.

  5. Frank Grimes says:

    You have a choice. Either the convenience stores sell the crack roses and other pipes that are less apt to be smashed everywhere you’d like to walk barefoot, or you can have your dogs’ paws shredded on the shards of stolen lightbulbs, and the added benefit of more unlit areas.

    You can’t take away one without the other happening.. just FYI.

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