Written by Brian Maass DENVER (CBS4)- Denver’s Manager of Safety, Mary Malatesta, plans to resign, according to her co-workers, close associates and an announcement made Wednesday to mayoral cabinet members. Malatesta plans to step down due to “personal, family reasons” according to several sources close to the situation.

Malatesta was sworn in as Safety Manager last September. She is the civilian authority overseeing the Denver Police, Fire and Sheriffs Departments.

A portion of Malatesta’s resignation letter reads, “In recent days I have been made aware of some urgent matters regarding which members of my family need my immediate help. I have searched for options to address these matters but I struggle to find a way to take leave from this job at a time when there are numerous issues which require the presence and full attention of the Manager of Safety. While I have great love for this City, our incredible employees and the work that I do, my love for my family is even greater. Accordingly, I am retiring from the City and my position as Manager of Safety effective March 12, 2011.”

Before the resignation letter was made public, one person present a meeting Wednesday of Mayor Bill Vidal’s cabinet members and appointees, told CBS4 the announcement was made that Malatesta would be departing from her position. The individual — who asked not to be named — said they were left with the impression a public announcement was going to be made this week.

Additionally, another source within city government confirmed that Malatesta told close associates of her plans to resign, citing personal reasons.

Additional Resources

Letter of Resignation from City Manager of Safety


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