DENVER (CBS4)- State lawmakers are going after school bullies. A proposed bill would require school districts to do more to track and prevent bullying.

Rep. Sue Schafer, D-Jefferson County, said it’s time the state weighed in on bullying in schools.

“We do not have incidents like you have heard about nationally,” said Schafer.

She has introduced a bill that asks all school districts in Colorado to develop or update bullying policies, track reports of bullying and identify and protect the most vulnerable Lawmakers Debate Anti Bullying Bill

The bill also encourages teacher training on bullying, school-wide surveys on safety and dress codes.

Jefferson County Schools are being proactive. The district launched a district-wide campaign this year to promote the Safe2Tell hotline that students can call or text anonymously.

“We take every call seriously and its opportunity to change a culture,” said Director of Security for Jefferson County Schools John McDonald.

“Especially in high school, girls can be timid. I’d much rather type it than say it to your face,” said Chatfield High School student Elie Roberts.

“Someone puts one thing out there and it’s out there for everyone to see,” said Chatfield High School student Karina Hill.

Some students believe the legislation will help.

“They need to find a way to stop bullying, which I know is a hard thing to do, but they need to try their hardest,” said Chatfield High School student Lora Roberts.

The bill initially called for funding bully-prevention programs and training. That was scaled back in light of inevitable cuts to education.

Now the measure makes strong suggestions that the schools adopt training and education programs, but doesn’t mandate them.

The bill has bipartisan support. It will be heard in committee on Monday, Feb. 28.

Click here to learn more about Safe2Tell.

Comments (8)
  1. Michelle Sulek says:

    Great news story on Safe2tell! It can reduce bullying,too!

  2. Ohbummer says:

    Good grief. Seems like we’re just a few bills and several billions away from a perfect (legislated) society.

    1. Concerned says:

      1984 at it’s finest Folks

  3. Chatfield Senior says:

    Ellie, Lora. and Karina are some of the most conceited people I know at Chatfield and have been quite rude to me in the past. I doubt their ability to comment on this bullying issue. We students at Chatfield treat Safe2Tell like a joke. We barely use it.

  4. denvervet says:

    Bullying starts in the home if you ask me. We already have laws against harassment, etc. Seems a shame we need legislation to remind people of what they should be doing and teaching in the first place.

  5. John says:

    You know I really should stop reading the news because the more I do the more I realize just how stupid people in this country are.
    A couple days ago the Arvada police handcuffed an 11 year old boy and drug him to a mental hospital for drawing stick oictures with what they percieved as a threat to teachers.(this happened 4 months ago)
    I understand Columbine and Virgina Tech and all of those things however is there a limit to our fears anywhere?
    Now we worry about bullying, give me a break folks do you suggest we call the Police ir National guard every time a kid does something rude to a classmate?
    If so you better plan on hiring a lot more police.
    There are what 300 million people in the United States?
    We are going to try and control what every one of them does?
    Shall we call the police when the umpire calls little Billy out on strikes?
    When the captain of the football team does not want to dance with one of the girls in school is he being mean to her? shall we have him arrested?
    When the pretty girls reject a date offer from one of the boys and call him fat or ugly or wimpy or whatever shall we have her arrested, is she bullying him?
    is she hurting his little feelings?
    Come on folks lets get real here you can’t control human nature to that extent.
    If someone is physically harming someone is way different but name calling or similar?
    Our country has become a mass of whining, sniveling mentally weak sissies.
    I guess I am bullying now.
    The fact remains you cannot create a law for every stinking little incident in this country, learn to deal with it folks it will not be going away any time soon law or not.
    I rasied my kids who actually were the captains of the football team to treat all their classmates with respect, I informed them I had never better hear of one of them picking on a less athletic person and always treat people nicely.
    They did a great job of that, like almost everything else in the schools the correct process starts at home.
    Our society already blames teachers for lazy kids whose parents are of no help in the educational process and they already are forced to be police.
    Now you want them to add the role of social worker too huh?
    Given all these facts and watching what the Wisconsin governor is doing to them I wonder why anybody in their right mind would want to be a teacher.
    One of these days this country may find out that these people are sick of this game, that will be interesting won’t it?
    Oh I know if you listen to idiots like Mike Rosen teaching is easy, anybody can do it.
    No I am not a teacher, just someone with a little backbone and common sense.

    1. Amen John! says:

      Amen, people need to stop shoving their parenting role on to other people. If your kids the bully, spank him, teach him better. We need to quick protecting everyone. I think this gene pool needs a little chlorine anyway. And this isn’t coming from some high school jock, I was the little nerd boy in school. I was the one that had my books knocked from my hands and never had dates, and was social inept (and there for made fun of for it) WAAAAHHHHH! I’m not shooting any schools or killing myself because someone was mean to me. America is getting pathetic. I think I’ll move to Germany. They aren’t a bunch of cry baby wimps…

  6. Jessica Rose says:

    We need to stop the bullies in our schools and protect our children from being bullied and the time is now to do something

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