Experts Blast City

Written by Brian Maass
DENVER (CBS4)- In a terse, three sentence statement, the City of Denver says it is standing behind nearly 31,000 parking tickets issued by unauthorized workers and no refunds will be handed out.

The debacle was revealed Monday night in Brian Maass’ report. The CBS4 Investigation revealed that two Denver parking agents wrote the tickets in 2009 and 2010 even though one’s legal certification had lapsed and the City never even gave the second vehicle control agent any legal authorization.

Many legal observers opined that since the ticket writers had no legal standing, the tickets, valued at perhaps $1 million, should be voided and the money refunded to City Of Denver Says Tickets Legal: No Refunds

The statement from the city, released Thursday afternoon, reads, “The vehicle control agents in question had authority to issue parking citations as part of their official duties as employees of the City of Denver by ordinance. Additionally, after a citation is paid, each case is permanently closed and is not subject to reversal. Denver Public Works Right of Way Enforcement will adhere to this opinion and no refunds will be issued for the citations in question.”

Ann Williams, a spokesperson for Mayor Bill Vidal, said there would be no further explanation and refused to allow anyone from the City to be interviewed about the decision.

“It borders on the insulting,” said Greg Rawlings, a former Denver City Attorney who believes the tickets were worthless. ”They seem intent on creating a scenario where it is the City and County of Denver versus the Citizens of Denver. They obviously seem to think they are more important than the folks who pay their salaries.”

Equally peeved with the City decision, and the lack of explanation, is attorney Harvey Steinberg.

“It’s typical government. They want to hold everyone accountable except for themselves,” said Steinberg.

Steinberg contends the tickets should have been voided, the money refunded.

“For once wouldn’t it be refreshing if they said, ‘We messed up and we’ll give people their money back.’ The day that happens is the day we have good government,” said Steinberg.

Denver attorney Gary Pirosko infers from the city statement that they are banking on nobody suing over the dubious tickets.

“The City Attorney is intentionally saying ‘call my bluff,’“ said Pirosko. “It appears to any reasonable person this is an intellectually dishonest response from the City Attorney’s office. If they had solid footing, they would show us the solid footing. They say “we’re the government and we’ll do what we want.”

Both vehicle control agents, William Shirland and Paul Lucero, have been taken off ticket duty and placed in other jobs

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Comments (10)

    Our City Attornty is just another Colorado scam-artist. thief! He should be removed from office immediately.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Who is to blame for all of this? The public was in an uproar when the previous story pertaining to the Enforcement Offcers aired on another Denver news channel, so what now? Two more Right of Way employees find themselves in the headlines, but have these two been fired? been arrested? NO! They have been given different positions within Public Works, but the other two? Fired! Arrested! The management in the department needs to be held accountable for the actions of the employees. The employees are doing as they are told per management, yet management isn’t held responsible for any of this. Who allowed Lucero & Sherlin to be on the street still? Who wasn’t doing their job? Whoever it was needs to be held responsible-their job taken away just like the other two Enforcement Officers who lost their jobs. If those two gentlemen lost their jobs and were throwin in jail simply over speculation, the management responsible for allowing Lucero & Sherlin to keep their positions need to be adequately penalized.

    And how about background checks on Supervisors and above? Hiow is the department going to feel when it hits the media that their own management personnel have criminal backgrounds? Not speculation that could possibly lead to a felony, but actual convicted criminals working in their deparment? These criminals, per City and County guideline, should not be carrying a Special Police Badge, But there they are, still sitting in the office, working every day. They are allowed to keep their badge, criminal record and all. But two gentlemen, fired and arrested after media uproar, have their badges taken away over pure speculation.

    So City management, how do you get off offering Lucero and Sherlin new positions, but not the other two gentlemen? Looks like the corruption starts at the top! The only ones to be legitimately charged and arrested for a crime is management. How do you knowingly keep two employees on the street who aren’t supposed to be writing tickets? Management needs to be justly punished for their part in this corruption.

  3. Bissell says:

    Tina Scardina is one of the managers 720-913-1725 . we can go to the source and ask about her negligence . why she put them out there knowing full well of there situation why she authorized it . Dont know why George Delaney is even being questioned he just took over recently for Bill vidalle or we can ask Rob duncanson . but they wont talk they’ll let there employees be publicly humiliated while they hide behind there office doors. bottom line you the managment owe your department, city,and employees an apology . Its managment who owes the citizens millions . Lets see who gets disciplined now .. The city needs to do away with there quotas and focus on the customer service of the job and go back to a time where you where there for the public not revenue.

  4. baracko bama says:

    I don’t see a problem with these law breakers not getting reimbursed. They broke the law. If they’re given their money back, the city will feel the need to find a way to retrieve that lost million bucks… probably from law abiding citizens Of course, they could always fire a few dozen teachers (as long as they’re not teaching illegal aliens because that would be mean). I don’t think Hick would have a problem with that at all. Remember the Denver Police Union motto: We are here to serve and collect.

    1. carson says:

      What about the problem of the city law breakers not getting their due? I hate when people only look at crime and punishment as it applies to civilians, whilst ignoring it as it applies to the government.

  5. M says:

    uhh, same for photo vans. They need to be “real” officers. They also need to prove (not on your penny) that someone who is human actually witnessed the crime.

    How can we be going broke?

    Fire all these people, then get rid of the newspapers.

  6. Mark says:

    What ever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions. These people violated the city’s parking laws and deserved the ticket. Period. If they felt they shouldn’t have receive the ticket they had the legal right to challenge the ticket in court, and question the certification of the ticket writer. The ticket writers might not have been legally certified, but they still worked for a legal entity that does have that right.

    1. carson says:

      You are talking about the responsibility of civilian law breakers, but are totally spacing on the responsibility of CITY law breakers. No one is above the law. The law applies to the government as well.

      You say “whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions?” Well that goes for the city too!! What about THEIR responsibility. You think responsibility only applies to civilians? wrong

  7. Arnold Ziffle says:

    The City always has the answer. Every City of Denver employee I’ve dealt with are rude and ignorant. Where do you hire these idiots?? I doubt most of them have green cards….

  8. carson says:

    Baracko Bama and Mark.
    You are talking about the responsibility of civilian law breakers, but are totally spacing on the responsibility of CITY law breakers. No one is above the law. The law applies to the government as well.

    Just remember that from now on.

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