IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)- People have been relaxing in the healing waters of Indian Hot Springs for visitors for more than 150 years.

Ute and Arapahoe Indians used the hot springs for healing and refreshment long before they were were discovered by gold miner George Jackson in 1859.

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“It’s amazing how many people still can come by on the highway and say, ‘I’ve seen it for years and never stopped,” said Indian Hot Springs Spa Manager Diane Rorh.

Indian Hot Springs (credit: CBS)

Indian Hot Springs has since come a long way from when the first gazebo was built in 1866. A hotel followed, along with a natatorium, making it a popular spot for miners and visitors.

“People that know hot springs know of Indian Springs. It’s some of the more balanced water. It’s one of the top 10 in the country and very healing,” said Rorh.

The hot springs in the middle of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is an unlikely place to find a tropical retreat.

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“I was surprised by all of the lushness and all of the plants and things. I mean, we’ve been to Hawaii a number of times and we just kind of walk in and think, ‘Ahhhh, Hawaii,” said visitor Pam Szot.

Indian Hot Springs (credit: CBS)

Many visitors take a dip in not only the healing waters, but “Club Mud,” where they can test the soothing properties of a mud bath.

“It actually feels kind of cool. It’s all gritty, it’s got a cool texture to it,” said visitor Amanda McDaniel.

“It take 45 minutes to an hour for it to dry and then she’ll bathe and rinse it all off and then her skin will be really soft, her hair will be soft,” said Indian Hot Springs Head Housekeeper.

Visitors can relax in private indoor pools. There are also 4 outdoor private hot tubs to soak in under the stars. Don’t forget about the caves.

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“The caves literally go in the side of the mountains, and they were dug by miners,” said Rorh. “They are very much a natural sauna.”