DENVER (AP) – A bill to ban the use of public assistance cards at strip club ATMs got initial approval from lawmakers but not before a light-hearted debate.

House Democrats offered several amendments to the Rep. Dan Pabon’s bill Monday, including naming the legislation “The Dan Pabon Valentine’s Day Strip Club Public Assistance Act of 2011.”

Another amendment said the law should not be in effect at any time at Rep. Mark Waller’s “place of residence.”

The cards, similar to ATM cards, give recipients access to food stamps and other public assistance.

The House approved the bill on second reading, without the amendments, and faces another vote before going to the Senate.

The law already prohibits people from using their public assistance cards at ATMs in casinos, racetracks, and liquor stores.

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  1. Abigal says:

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  2. Regina Harris- Wilson says:

    This is so crazy how people abuse the system like that. You rather give your money to a bunch of nude people then to take care of your children? Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

  3. self made says:

    public assistance should be given out as a loan. short term help and then they garnish your wages over say 10 years. students can obtain loans for living expenses as well as tuition. this is old news. kimberly wyched jumped 2 stories in a fire. sounds dramatic. in reality, stupid. no one jumps 2 stories. any adult with common sense would hang out the window and drop at most 8-10 feet. even so, kim, you are not unable to work. were you a brick layer, mechanic, carpenter, etc. most other careers are quite sedentary.

  4. joy says:

    You guys are heartless!! How dare you say that the government should discontinue public assistance!! There are people that need it and use it until they are able to provide for themselves. We know that there are small portions of people that misuse anything whether it is lying on tax forms or health insurance. Its not right but luckily a few people do it. So PLEASE let’s be realistic and stop being PIGHEADS

  5. Rsm says:

    Lolz well california had to ban ebt at casinos b/c it was revealed some percentage of ebt was redeemed at casino atms. Cali also has had problems w/ppl using ebt in hawaii. Imo ppl prolly tradin their ebt 4 cash/contraband anyway sorry gov’t u cant control everything

  6. Dizzay says:

    What a dumb law. What the hell made them even wake up and think we have to ban ebt cards at strip clubs. Who cares we have more important things to worry about.

  7. Kimberly Wyche says:

    First off let me say, not everyone is abusing the system. and not everyone who is getting assistance is lazy. I’m on assistance because some young kids decided to go about setting fires and my house was one of those. I had to jump two stories down, I broke both my ankles, shattered my heels, suffered from hip and back injuries. I am on the waiting list for social security as I am unable to walk and wheelchair bound. So until I am approved for social security which could take up to 2 years to get approved, The state of Michigan is giving me cash to help make it in society. I’m not married, I don’t have any kids, it’s Just me, so next time people say things like cut welfare off, really haven’t been put in a position where everything was taken from them and had to rely on the state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. phatgal says:

    they are right that card is for families to be able to take care of themselves not to go to the stripclub and bars. that money is coming from tax payers that goes to work everyday and work hard for their money.

  9. Justin P. Cox says:

    I have had countless people either turn down jobs I have offered them or simply not show up.
    An old friend of mine just went over 12 months collecting unemployment because he chose not to take a job he didn’t feel like doing.
    I was very disappointed. I even offered unlimited hours at my house for yard work, housework, etc..

  10. Justin P. Cox says:

    Ridiculous. My tax dollars should only be used for the essentials. Many people on welfare make an effort to stay on it. Some truly need it, yet many don’t deserve it.

    Besides, it is not the governments role to provide for us. The more people rely on the government the more control they have over us.

  11. tina says:

    how about cut this free money and let’s see what they will do.. They need their own island called ‘we are lazy’!!

  12. Greg4422 says:

    Silly people.. the article doesn’t say anyone was using a EBT card at a strip club. it says some idiot decided to make this an issue and want to ban it. People make sh#t up all the time.

  13. Mr. Wee Wee says:

    Mr. Wee Wee sez yOu gO girl and STAND FIRM BEHIND Barack!

  14. Stuart says:

    I don’t get why you people think they shouldn’t use OUR money for such purposes. It’s not our money…it’s China’s.

  15. DaveInNM says:

    Our definition of what constitutes “poverty” is seriously skewed. When our “poor” or chronically obese, own televisions with cable service, cell phones, and other such luxuries, it’s time to re-examine the line that constitutes “poverty”.

    They should issue ration cards similar to those issued in WWII, (including the penalties involved for misuse,) to welfare recipients instead of cash.

  16. Petr Buben says:

    i firmly believe that persons stripped off their livelihood by exporting industries to China, by investing anywhere but in the USA, should be able to use money however they want.
    I believe minimum wage for bigger companies should be raised by 30%, and globalized corporations should start paying all taxes due.

  17. dispolitico says:

    This destroys black liberation theology socialism. Money is transfered from mostly well off whites to mostly welfare blacks and back to whites, mostly white female strippers. But I could be wrong, most of these white strippers probably have black boyfriends so the money goes back to blacks. I hope I’m joking, but maybe not.

  18. Hunched Over in Pain says:

    Somethings never change, I always felt like I was being kicked in the groin when I worked as a cashier, customers would come in pay for food with foodstamps, then use cash to buy tobacco and alcohol. There never has been a serious attempt to fix the system, it has always been a socialist tool for buying votes!

  19. Frank says:

    How about they pass a law that says where they can use these cards like a grocery store and thats it, then they wont to pass another law to ban the cards from being used to purchase guns, internet porn, legal CO Pot, airline tickets, etc.

  20. Harlan says:

    Unless eating a woman’s holy of holies is considered a food, I don’t see how a bill preventing the use of food stamp cards in a strip club is going to actually save a penny.

  21. Sully says:

    Let me think about what I would do if I was poor and hungery and there was no help/welfare assistance for me to get food. I would probably break into your nice house and rob you. Worse case scenario I go to jail and they feed me in jail.

  22. Rajfahneen says:

    Everyone on public assistance (hint…welfare) should have to take random drug screens and if positive, surrender benefits for life. The working people have to abide by the rules, why not the people that are dragging this once great country into ruin. They say social security is going broke, drug test all the SSID bums and there would be plenty of money for the retired people that worked their whole lives. Same with Medicaid, this would free up enought to balance the budget. Test the poliiticians and boom….pay off the dept. Why Not?

  23. Bob G. says:

    It’s time for REAL welfare reform. There are hundreds of military bases that have been closed over the years because of cutbacks. Instead of Section 8 housing, why not let the welfare recipients live in the barracks? If the barracks are good enough for our fighting men and women, they should be good enough for our parasites. The bases also have mess halls – no more need for food stamps. The bases also have facilities that can easily be set up for day care and the “guests” can take turns working there. Think of the money saved!

    1. Bob G. says:

      Oh… and drug testing. Just like our military personnel (and I) have to submit to. I submit to drug tests at work to make the money that “takes care” of these folks. They should take drug tests to receive it.

  24. DMc says:

    Another Rhoades Scholar decision! I’d be ashamed to say the damn things were in this type of establishment in the first place!

  25. JWS says:

    Leave it to democrats to mock even a “no-duh” bill like this.

  26. Taxpayer says:

    OBAMA”S PLAN for a welfare country

  27. Witty Moniker says:

    Have you seen the ATM fees at those places?! Robbery! The polititians are just being fiscally responsible.

  28. ra44mr2 says:

    Wow, the saddest part of this is that we HAVE to make a law regarding it. I mean REALLY??!!! You are so broke you are going to the govt but you will be damned if you are giving up your stripper time eh?

  29. Jack Roberston says:

    The right wing just wants the legal right to off the poverty out of the United States and the other side wants to off most of the rich for similar results.

  30. FreeHealthCareBill says:

    Colorado said that welfare was banned since the 90’s. This is a surprise to most including me.

  31. Kim Estrada says:

    My Husband loves to make love to me. Is that wrong?

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