PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) – State Agriculture Commissioner John Salazar says he wants to educate Coloradans about the importance of farming and ranching because many people don’t understand it.

Salazar told the Pueblo Chieftain on Monday that too many people think their food comes from a grocery store, not from the people who really grow it.

John Salazar says key issues facing Colorado’s agricultural industry include water, pressure from animal rights groups and food-borne illnesses.

Salazar, a Democrat, was a three-term congressman representing western and southern Colorado but lost to Republican Scott Tipton in November. Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed Salazar to head the Colorado Agriculture Department.

His brother, Ken Salazar, is U.S. interior secretary.

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  1. Kevlar says:

    This awareness is all fine and good but people also need to know that industrial farming and ranching are literally killing us with pesticides, additives, hormones and genetically engineered foods and animals. Once again follow the money and you’ll find huge companies and billionaires calling the shots; Monsanto and the FDA and our political leaders are not interested in health but revenues.

    Sustainable and organic are the key to maintaining our future food sources.

    Check it out people!


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