DENVER (AP) – Colorado Sen. Mark Udall says he’ll be the first Democrat in the Senate to sign on to the latest attempt at a balanced budget amendment in the U.S. constitution.

Udall told reporters Tuesday that he’s joining Republicans in calling for a change to the U.S. constitution to require Congress to balance its budget.

Balanced budget amendments have been debated for years, and there appears little chance that the required two-thirds of Congress would agree to the change this year. Udall says the time is right for the amendment, though, because federal deficits are of greater public concern.

Udall also says he also supports last year’s recommendations by President Barack Obama’s debt commission to trim the national debt.

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  1. James Davidson says:

    Balance the budget is a great idea only if the amendment required Congress to stop spending and not by raising taxes. Way too much of our tax money goes out of this country. How can we keep supporting other countires if we cant pay to fix our own.

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