DENVER (AP) — Colorado Democrats are proposing legislation allowing illegal immigrant students to pay in-state college tuition.

A similar bill was killed by the Colorado Senate two years ago.

Sen. Angela Giron and Sen. Michael Johnston are drafting legislation that would allow students who are in the country illegally and who have graduated from Colorado high schools to pay in-state tuition. They would not receive a state stipend that other in-state students receive though.

Giron says some of the best and brightest students in the state are leaving because they are forced to pay higher tuition.

Opponents have argued it violates a federal law that bars states from offering illegal immigrants any benefit that’s not given to citizens from other states.

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Comments (7)
  1. dawn ruminski says:

    Are you kidding me?????? This is ridiculous. I am tired of illegals getting any special treatment. Become a citizen if you think we are so great, pay taxes and learn English for petes sake.

  2. American Eagle says:

    I agree! What next? Free gas to get to and from school? Most hate the US anyway, and they never seem to learn to speak English. Send them back to be educated in their own country! This is absolutely insane!

  3. Taxpayer Joe says:

    My parents commit a crime and I get to benefit from it. NEAT, sign me up.

  4. tom lewis says:

    i say send them home and then let them apply from thier home country, and pay the proper tusition

  5. FED UP says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Where is there any preferential treatment when it comes to Americans? I am sick of all rules being changed for these illegals – send them home NOW!

  6. politicians r idiots says:

    Wow unbelievable & today LA County just annouced 1.2 billion in welfare payments etc. in 2010 to illegal immigrants, not including 100’s of millions spent for their education. No wonder we are broke as a nation. It’s a disgrace and a huge slap in the face to all American Citizens!!!! Giron & Johnston You Completely Suck!!!!!

  7. TaxPaying Patriot says:

    Illegal immigrant students… we even NEED a discussion on this? If they have already graduated…illegally…from a local High School, then we need to address a few other laws already in place. Let’s take care of our own before we take care of someone here….illegally.

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