Rotten Chicken Found Taped Inside Ducts Of House

DENVER (CBS4) – A long-time Denver lobbyist is facing felony charges after being arrested last month.

Ron Smith, 57, is accused of causing significant damage inside the home of his ex-wife and her boyfriend in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood.

Investigators said Smith did damage to everything from clothes and a computer to the duct work in the home.

Smith was supposed to be at a political fundraiser at Coors Field for then-gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper when the burglary happened on Sept. 27. Denver police said Smith arrived late to the event and only stayed for a few minutes.

“It’s a very unusual case, very bizarre in nature. It looks like unfortunately somebody had some very personal actions against this young lady,” Sonny Jackson with the Denver Police Department said.

In the arrest affidavit Smith is accused of taping rotten chicken inside the heating vents of the home. He also allegedly sent explicit text messages and left a laminated notice of his ex-wife’s death on her front door.

Mitch Gross, a neighbor in the Stapleton neighborhood, said the situation points to the actions of a sick individual.

“(The couple) had just had the floors refinished so he walked across the floor with his bike shoes and marked up the floors. He put rotten chicken in the vents. He put bleach on the piano to ruin their baby grand piano. Then he de-magnetized their hard drive to clear out any videos or pictures,” Gross said. “It’s kind of scary, actually, that somebody would really go to those levels.”

Smith is facing felony burglary charges. He has been released on bond and is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Thursday.

Smith’s attorney, Michael Evans, released this statement regarding the accusations, “… there is no physical or direct evidence indicating Ron Smith had anything to do with the allegations.”

“Mr. Smith has been an important public figure in the Denver community for over a decade, and should be afforded the presumption of innocence at this time, just like any other person. What is true… and what is false… will ultimately be brought to light in the proper forum of a court room. Those actually interested in learning the truth should be patient and attend the trial,” said Evans in a statement. (Read the complete statement.)

So far Smith has made no public comment on the charges. His ex-wife declined an invitation to conduct an on-camera interview with CBS4.


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