GREELEY, Colo. (AP) – The Greeley school board says it doesn’t agree with a member who has been broadcasting a daily commentary attacking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The school board voted 6-1 Monday night to adopt the statement, distancing itself from member Brett Reese, who is airing the commentary on his radio station. Reese voted `no’ and then walked out.

The commentary claims the slain civil rights leader was a plagiarist and sexual degenerate. Reese says the commentary was sent by a listener three years ago and he aired it after doing fact-checking.

Reese says he supports the civil rights movement, but doesn’t believe King should be put on pedestal. He told the Greeley Tribune that he has received death threats over the broadcasts.

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  1. Fed Up says:

    What ever happened to “Freedom of Speech”? Just another one of our Constitutional rights being ‘challenged’ for ‘political correctness’ – this is nothing more than “calling a spade, a spade”. Buy challenging this issue, you are asking for ‘your’ Constitutional rights to be taken away – think about it!

    1. j. bowman says:

      Hey, genius, explain to us how his First Amendment rights are being denied. The school board is merely exercising its right to publicly disagree with him, just as he publicly announced his opinions. Go home, son, and dig out that eighth grade civics book that they gave you right before you quit school.

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