WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Wheat Ridge police have recently been getting several calls from people about sick foxes in the city and have even picked up two dead foxes in the past week.

Police handle all wildlife calls. They’ve discovered the foxes have mange, which eventually kills them. Mange affects the foxes by causing a severe skin condition, which leads to hair loss and deadly sickness.

The mites can also infect people, causing scabies. Police say people shouldn’t go near sick foxes, feed them, or try to help them in any way. Rather, they should call police and keep a close eye on pets until the outbreak has gone away.

The news of mange has some people living in Wheat Ridge concerned.

“Well sure, who wouldn’t you know. They transmit diseases, but I’m more worried about rabies than I am mange,” a resident said.

“That would suck for the dogs and it would be sad for the owners too,” another said.

Police say if a pet or person comes in contact with a sick fox, seek medical attention.

Scabies mites can live without a host for 24 to 26 hours.