An atheist group has paid for billboards that protest the Nativity scene display at the Denver City County Building.

The billboards will state, “Stop Government Support of Religion. Move this Denver Nativity Scene to a Church.” Three billboards will be placed within a half-mile of the municipal building in downtown Denver.

The atheist group Colorado Coalition of Reason paid for the billboards.

“This gives the impression that Christianity is the state religion,” said Jeanette Norman of Colorado Coalition of Reason.

In 1986, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the Nativity scene did not violate the state constitution by giving preference to a religion.

“I think the nativity scene is a necessary item. It’s called Christmas, which has Christ’s name in it,” said visitor to the City County Bldg. Dale Weidus.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden is hosting another so-called politically incorrect Christmas party this weekend.

In 2009, Alderden said, “We want to be all inclusive, but we want to recognize Jesus Christ as our savior and that’s the reason for the season.”

Atheists sponsoring the billboards in Denver fell symbols of a particular religion should not be displayed by a governmental body.

“We’re not here to create any bad blood or anything of that nature. We just want to make sure the government stays out of religion or promoting a particular religion,” said Colorado Coalition of Reason member Joel Guttormson.

The City of Denver issued a statement that this display is a holiday tradition that has survived legal challenges for 40 years.


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